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Joe Umland
I should really try to snap out of it altogether.
Sun Jun 3, 2018 13:01

Joe did not even realize precisely how out of touch with his surroundings he was until a piece of paper flew into his lap and bounced off his hand. He jumped, blinked repeatedly, and then realized it was a note, not a random piece of paper thrown at him apparent reason.

Well. This was intriguing. The two Teppenpaws - well, frankly, with all his siblings out of school, people - Joe spent the most time with were Jozua and Raine, and he thought they would both just...come over and say what they wanted to say, if they had something they wished to communicate to him. Was he in the middle of attempts to pass love-notes between two people with no relation whatsoever to him? Was Jozua cooking up a conspiracy of some kind (for one thing it was difficult to imagine Raine conspiring, for another...well, writing wasn’t Raine’s favorite way to do anything)? Was someone trying to set him up for something? This was an unusually interesting turn of events - at least until he examined the contents.

Earth to Joe.

Well. This was slightly embarrassing. Joe felt himself color and rubbed his eyes before getting an idea and taking up his abandoned pen. He had to clean dried ink off it before he could use it, but once it was first clean and then inked again, he wrote, beneath the message.

Copy that, Earth.

This, with the aid of vague memories of the other boys’ talk and interests from his long-gone days as a Scout back home, done, he took his own wand and murmured a charm to return the paper to sender - who turned out to be Georgia Kirkly. Oh, drat - he must have been appearing to stare at her. Well, that was awkward enough….

He summoned the resolve to get out of his chair, however slow and uninviting the process still felt, and follow the path of the note back to its originator. “Hi,” he said, summoning up a smile. “Sorry - “ curse it, his accent had slipped - “about that - I was - woolgathering. Too much homework, you know? Sorry - “ this time he was more careful with his vowels, so as not to sound Dreadfully Canadian - “I bothered you.”

  • Have it facing in a different directionGeorgia Kirkly, Sat May 26 09:02
    Zevalyn had a date for the ball. And apparently not just a convenience date or a friend date. Like, she seemed pretty convinced it was an actual date . With Kir. Who was, apparently, less gay than... more
    • I should really try to snap out of it altogether. — Joe Umland, Sun Jun 3 13:01
      • That works tooGeorgia, Tue Jun 5 07:11
        Joe snapped out of it on getting her note and Georgia pretended to return to her Charms essay, because she didn’t want to get caught staring right back. And because, now that she wasn’t being stared... more
        • Excellent.Joe, Tue Jun 5 14:31
          Joe bit his lip and looked back and forth, as though checking for listeners. “Don’t quote me on this - and maybe they don’t even know it - “ he began in a lowered voice - “but I’ve seen a few cases... more
          • “Darn…. That somehow doesn’t give me the liberating feeling I thought it might that I can screw up without it mattering too much. It just feels like I have to do well on this and then keep not... more
            • That, and possibly a bit more.Joe, Thu Jun 7 12:55
              “Actually I think it can be either that or a lot of screwing things up and then hoping nobody notices, but your way is probably better if you can pull it off,” observed Joe after Georgia hypothesized ... more
              • “Ooh, how about screwing up but then bluffing your way through it? I guess there’s also ‘trying to pass the blame’ but that doesn’t work so well when you’re an only child so I’ve never had much... more
                • “Siblings do help,” agreed Joe when Georgia explained why passing the blame didn’t often work for her. “Of course, with mine, it usually was John’s fault, or Paul’s, so I didn’t so much have to pass... more
                  • Worst case scenario...Georgia, Tue Jun 12 06:01
                    He wasn’t going with Raine. She supposed that should technically count as good news. But clearly he had wanted to. This hadn’t exactly been a scenario Georgia had pictured herself dealing with. She... more
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