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Yeah. So do you wanna.... help with this assignment?
Thu Jun 7, 2018 07:03

“Darn…. That somehow doesn’t give me the liberating feeling I thought it might that I can screw up without it mattering too much. It just feels like I have to do well on this and then keep not screwing up for the next thing and the next… Maybe forever. Is that what being an adult is, d’you reckon?

“Haha. Fear me Kir or Gwen, for I shall rule you,” she grinned, when Joe joked about her not being the bottom of the prefect heap any more. Although if it was Kir, he could probably get Zev to abuse her power right back and get him out of whatever it was. Seeing as they were going to the ball together. Which was a good segue into that whole topic. Which she really should discuss with Joe. Who was now, conveniently, right here. “Or am I meant to like… pick on the fifth years from other houses as first choice?” she asked. “And how, exactly, does one get vicious and bossy as a Teppenpaw?” she continued. In truth, the other prefects hadn’t made her life miserable (as far as she knew, anyway). The only thing making her miserable about being prefect was the ball (and supervisory responsibility for Jozua, but that was, seemingly, over). The ball, which Joe also was needing to sort a partner for, also being a prefect – maybe, unless he was already going with his (girl)friend. He spent a lot of time with Raine, and she was the kind of girl guys liked. Skinny. Wore sexy stuff. He was probably going with her. Although Georgia wouldn’t know for sure unless she asked, of course…

“Mood charms vs mood potions. Which is better, and why. And someone more important than me has to think so. Any hints?”

  • Excellent.Joe, Tue Jun 5 14:31
    Joe bit his lip and looked back and forth, as though checking for listeners. “Don’t quote me on this - and maybe they don’t even know it - “ he began in a lowered voice - “but I’ve seen a few cases... more
    • Yeah. So do you wanna.... help with this assignment? — Georgia, Thu Jun 7 07:03
      • That, and possibly a bit more.Joe, Thu Jun 7 12:55
        “Actually I think it can be either that or a lot of screwing things up and then hoping nobody notices, but your way is probably better if you can pull it off,” observed Joe after Georgia hypothesized ... more
        • “Ooh, how about screwing up but then bluffing your way through it? I guess there’s also ‘trying to pass the blame’ but that doesn’t work so well when you’re an only child so I’ve never had much... more
          • “Siblings do help,” agreed Joe when Georgia explained why passing the blame didn’t often work for her. “Of course, with mine, it usually was John’s fault, or Paul’s, so I didn’t so much have to pass... more
            • Worst case scenario...Georgia, Tue Jun 12 06:01
              He wasn’t going with Raine. She supposed that should technically count as good news. But clearly he had wanted to. This hadn’t exactly been a scenario Georgia had pictured herself dealing with. She... more
              • Joe honestly didn’t know if he’d really wanted to go to the Ball with Raine – it was all complicated, as were most things involving non-familial female people these days, the one curious exception... more
                • There is still a plague thoughGeorgia, Fri Jun 29 07:11
                  She wasn’t sure whether he really meant his first remark. Well, ok, she was pretty sure he would survive. But he seemed to brush the thing off so casually, and she wasn’t sure if that was real.... more
                  • I’ll take my chances.Joe, Fri Jun 29 19:15
                    Georgia was, it had to be said, not his type physically – at least to the extent he was aware of having one. If he was quite honest, the things that popped to mind when he thought of specifics were... more
                    • Ooh, did you know....Georgia, Fri Jun 29 21:30
                      (OOC - CW: Georgia’s views are deliberately a little bit blinkered and heteronormative, along with the language she uses, cos she’s a straight, sheltered teenage girl). This definitely could be... more
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