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That, and possibly a bit more.
Thu Jun 7, 2018 12:55

“Actually I think it can be either that or a lot of screwing things up and then hoping nobody notices, but your way is probably better if you can pull it off,” observed Joe after Georgia hypothesized about adulthood. His two oldest brothers seemed to have done what Georgia suggested; his last brother and his sister - well, Joe felt they were taking the other path, anyway. This was why the calls home at Christmas had been so destabilizing to him - it had been a shock to see that the family’s re-convention for the holidays seemed to have been going smoothly without him. Admittedly they would all put a brave face on it for those few minutes even if they were really at each other’s throats, but Julian could never resist backhanded remarks when she was in those moods and John was no better, just worse at hiding his feelings and concealing the point from people outside the quarrel….

Joe grinned back at the joke about ruling over Kir or Gwen, but shook his head when Georgia asked how one became vicious and bossy as a Teppenpaw. “No, no, no, that’s not how you do it,” he said, still grinning. “Leave that stuff to the Aladrens and Pecaris - we’re civilized. You can get a lot more done with a lot less angry people when you phrase it politely and they don’t realize you’re ordering them around, you see,” he added in a parody of a schoolteacher’s tone. “Or so I’ve read, anyway - “ he added. “It doesn’t really work for me that often.”

He nodded to the description of the assignment. “Ah, one of the classics. Charms act faster and you don’t have to worry so much about stuff like allergic reactions, so I’d go with them. One of the main counter-arguments there is that it’s easier to control the - dose, more or less, with a potion - you can answer that by pointing out that potions can be badly brewed or expire, too. Plus, if - I don’t know - you were in a situation where you were in healthcare and you had a patient who wasn’t cooperating, it’s easier to make them do what they need to do with charms than to pour something down their throats - though you’d - if you use that line, you have to address the counter-argument that it’s also easier to affect people unwillingly for no good reason - if you’re the sort who likes messing with people. I almost forgot to talk about that one when I did that paper. Sourcing - I remember I used the chart in the front of the book, you know, the one about guidelines for how long to keep commonly-stocked potions ingredients? Used that to support a counter-argument - it’s not so much finding someone who says what you want to say as finding facts and saying what you think they mean, then if you can throwing another quote that doesn’t disagree in to back it up.”

He realized he had just said all that in enough of a monotone to Sound Like John, at least a bit, and smiled again in hopes of distracting her more than anything. “And yes, I am sure I’m not an Aladren sneaking into the wrong common room - My mom really, really pushes essay-writing,” he admitted, by way of explanation. “She has a literature degree, so she pretty much has professional training in making facts dance until they get dizzy to impress professors.”

  • “Darn…. That somehow doesn’t give me the liberating feeling I thought it might that I can screw up without it mattering too much. It just feels like I have to do well on this and then keep not... more
    • That, and possibly a bit more. — Joe, Thu Jun 7 12:55
      • “Ooh, how about screwing up but then bluffing your way through it? I guess there’s also ‘trying to pass the blame’ but that doesn’t work so well when you’re an only child so I’ve never had much... more
        • “Siblings do help,” agreed Joe when Georgia explained why passing the blame didn’t often work for her. “Of course, with mine, it usually was John’s fault, or Paul’s, so I didn’t so much have to pass... more
          • Worst case scenario...Georgia, Tue Jun 12 06:01
            He wasn’t going with Raine. She supposed that should technically count as good news. But clearly he had wanted to. This hadn’t exactly been a scenario Georgia had pictured herself dealing with. She... more
            • Joe honestly didn’t know if he’d really wanted to go to the Ball with Raine – it was all complicated, as were most things involving non-familial female people these days, the one curious exception... more
              • There is still a plague thoughGeorgia, Fri Jun 29 07:11
                She wasn’t sure whether he really meant his first remark. Well, ok, she was pretty sure he would survive. But he seemed to brush the thing off so casually, and she wasn’t sure if that was real.... more
                • I’ll take my chances.Joe, Fri Jun 29 19:15
                  Georgia was, it had to be said, not his type physically – at least to the extent he was aware of having one. If he was quite honest, the things that popped to mind when he thought of specifics were... more
                  • Ooh, did you know....Georgia, Fri Jun 29 21:30
                    (OOC - CW: Georgia’s views are deliberately a little bit blinkered and heteronormative, along with the language she uses, cos she’s a straight, sheltered teenage girl). This definitely could be... more
                    • I did not, thanks for saying Joe, Fri Jun 29 22:15
                      People coupling up. People did that, didn’t they? Joe had never really thought about it, but of course people would do that – the fact that the Ball was seared into his memory as a source of... more
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