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Ooh, did you know....
Fri Jun 29, 2018 21:30

(OOC - CW: Georgia’s views are deliberately a little bit blinkered and heteronormative, along with the language she uses, cos she’s a straight, sheltered teenage girl).

This definitely could be worse. She could be dateless or being laughed at - those had been two solid possibilities as of five minutes ago, and whilst she wasn’t ruling out the latter happening at any point in the scenario (her trying to look attractive in a ball dress, her trying to dance - both had serious potential for awfulness) things were surely moving in the right direction. She had a date. And Joe was really pretty cute. At home, he might have even been considered out of her league, but here there were lots of other things at play - he was on the bottom of the blood status heap, like she was. But still, he was a cute social outcast. And he was funny. And nice. Whenever they talked, she seemed to have an okay time with him…

“Yeah well- I mean, same to you,” she nodded, when he agreed to the very practical terms of their not-a-date. She hadn’t really expected much beyond the prefect dance, of course. She didn’t expect Joe to really want to hang out with her the rest of the evening, although she wasn’t exactly sure who she would hang out with, seeing as Zev would be there on an actual date (were she and Kir going to be making out in the corner? She was happy for her friend but she didn’t need to see that). Although was Joe going to find himself in a similar position? Who were the rest of his friends, and were they going to be on dates? “I guess we can see how it goes. How coupled up everyone else is,” she added. She didn’t really want Joe to ditch her straight after the prefect dance on the assumption that she had someone else she’d rather hang out with because she really, really didn’t. But nor did she want him to feel obliged to awkwardly stick with her the whole night just cos she didn’t have a lot of friends. That wasn’t exactly his problem.

“Did you know Kir’s not gay?” she asked, before she could help it, her mouth just tending to follow wherever her mind had gone most of the time, and especially when it involved talking about other people. Although after finding out about Kir, she had resolved to not gossip so much, seeing as she’d clearly spread false information the last time. But…. surely being not gay wasn’t gossip? It was like opposite. Someone being gay was news, whereas someone being straight was just… well… what everyone expected. She was righting the wrong she’d done in telling people he was, or in what other people were probably also assuming given how many Pride t-shirts and rainbows he wore (she still didn’t really get why he did that). And everyone was talking about who was going with who to the ball. It was… news. Or beneficial public information. “He’s going with Zevalyn.”

  • I’ll take my chances.Joe, Fri Jun 29 19:15
    Georgia was, it had to be said, not his type physically – at least to the extent he was aware of having one. If he was quite honest, the things that popped to mind when he thought of specifics were... more
    • Ooh, did you know.... — Georgia, Fri Jun 29 21:30
      • I did not, thanks for saying Joe, Fri Jun 29 22:15
        People coupling up. People did that, didn’t they? Joe had never really thought about it, but of course people would do that – the fact that the Ball was seared into his memory as a source of... more
        • Is this information.... useful to you?Georgia, Fri Jun 29 23:02
          “Right, sounds good,” she nodded. She really should not have said anything about Kir, because Joe was rambling and she’d clearly made him uncomfortable, although she wasn’t sure why. Maybe he wasn’t... more
          • “That’s good of you,” said Joe when Georgia defended herself against an accusation of homophobia which he hadn’t actually made. “It’s usually best just to leave people’s private lives to them.” God... more
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