I did not, thanks for saying
Fri Jun 29, 2018 22:15

People coupling up. People did that, didn’t they? Joe had never really thought about it, but of course people would do that – the fact that the Ball was seared into his memory as a source of fraternal humiliation did not change the fact that other people, it wasn’t just an evening of sitting around trying not to mess up one’s best clothes while wishing to commit fratricide….

“Right,” he said, still feeling horribly awkward. “That’s the plan, then – I guess we’ll meet up here? Seems logical.” He thought about making a joke about picking her up at seven, but since this was physically impossible because of the stairs charms and she was being practical, he thought he had probably better just continue being practical.

His efforts to remain practical did not matter for very long, though. Wait, what were they talking about? What did Kir McLeod have to do with anything at all, much less whether or not Kir was gay? Why would Joe care about –

Oh. Oh, God. She thought – oh, no. She couldn’t think that.

“Good for him, I guess?” said Joe, not sure what to say to that. “Er – definitely for going with Zevalyn, if that’s what they want to do – I meant, good for him he knows he isn’t gay, if he isn’t gay?” This was so not something he knew how to talk about. It had never occurred to him to note another dude as particularly attractive – that girls sometimes did find guys attractive was one of the many things that made women weird in his book. “I’m also not gay,” he volunteered, in case she was fishing for information somehow.

  • Ooh, did you know....Georgia, Fri Jun 29 21:30
    (OOC - CW: Georgia’s views are deliberately a little bit blinkered and heteronormative, along with the language she uses, cos she’s a straight, sheltered teenage girl). This definitely could be... more
    • I did not, thanks for saying — Joe, Fri Jun 29 22:15
      • Is this information.... useful to you?Georgia, Fri Jun 29 23:02
        “Right, sounds good,” she nodded. She really should not have said anything about Kir, because Joe was rambling and she’d clearly made him uncomfortable, although she wasn’t sure why. Maybe he wasn’t... more
        • “That’s good of you,” said Joe when Georgia defended herself against an accusation of homophobia which he hadn’t actually made. “It’s usually best just to leave people’s private lives to them.” God... more
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