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Fri Jun 29, 2018 23:02

“Right, sounds good,” she nodded.

She really should not have said anything about Kir, because Joe was rambling and she’d clearly made him uncomfortable, although she wasn’t sure why. Maybe he wasn’t really comfortable talking about gay people - not that Kir was gay. She supposed guys could be kind of weird about the possibility of guys being attracted to them. And then he was telling her that he was also not gay.

“Uh. Right. Okay,” she nodded, clearly a bit bemused by the unnecessary info dump. It was just a weird thing to come out with, and really not relevant unless-


Was he…? But he’d talked about wanting to go to the ball with Raine. Had that just been a cover? Why else would he make a point of telling her he wasn’t gay when she really hadn’t been asking that?

“I have nothing against gay people,” she added hastily, wondering if that was what Joe had thought and why it’d made him uncomfortable. She could see why it would, even if he wasn’t gay, because homophobia was just nasty in general and this was Teppenpaw where people were just meant to… not be buttholes to each other. So maybe it was just that. And she didn’t want him to think that she was homophobic, even if he wasn’t gay. But especially not if he actually was.

  • I did not, thanks for saying Joe, Fri Jun 29 22:15
    People coupling up. People did that, didn’t they? Joe had never really thought about it, but of course people would do that – the fact that the Ball was seared into his memory as a source of... more
    • Is this information.... useful to you? — Georgia, Fri Jun 29 23:02
      • “That’s good of you,” said Joe when Georgia defended herself against an accusation of homophobia which he hadn’t actually made. “It’s usually best just to leave people’s private lives to them.” God... more
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