Katerina Vorontsov
Getting to know you better (tag Lyssa).
Mon Aug 6, 2018 21:17

Katya supposed it spoke poorly of her, and was an insult to Dorian, but she was a little surprised when he offered her a hand getting up and then escorted her over to Professor Xavier and the Other Girl. She smiled, genuinely pleased and flattered, when he said he had enjoyed having dinner with her.

“Moi aussi,” she said.

She flushed, more flattered and pleased still, when he put action to words and offered to spend yet more time in her company in the morning, by showing her down to breakfast. “Oui, c’est bien,” she agreed, stammering slightly, as he set a time for the meeting and subsequent escorting downstairs. “Je voudrais beaucoup ça.” I’d like that very much.

She smiled again when wished a good night in her own language and with her own name. “Bonne nuit,” she replied, with a small curtsy.

What, she thought as they walked along, listening to Professor Xavier say a great many things in English, must the other girl think! Katerina had been here only a few hours and was being escorted here and there by an exotically well-looking older boy. In her novels, this would be quite a feather in her cap, and so she assumed an American girl would be impressed even though said girl did not know that Dorian Montoir was also kind, intelligent, and possessed of elegant manners….

It was such a pity he was not Russian! If he had been, Tatya would have been as good as settled for life, she thought enviously. No-one was perfect, of course, but unless Dorian had some truly appalling secrets – some secret life involving utter depravity and horrible taste – then he was as close to the elegant people she read about than anyone else she had ever seen in real life, except maybe Mama….

Absorbed in these thoughts, Katya could not truthfully say she absorbed very much from Professor Xavier’s talk, which she felt slightly bad about when she realized it when they stopped walking on and on and on. Her eyes widened slightly in horror as she heard about how they were to get in and out of the house. She knew how to dance, but she had never…done that, whatever it was. It looked so undignified. She was suddenly very glad Dorian had not accompanied her any further. To think of – Tatya’s friend seeing….

Inside, her first thought was that there was something strangely comforting about all the yellow fabrics. At home, she and Tatiana had yellow covers as the top layers of their bedding, and bands of yellow and blue flowers painted for the frieze just below the ceiling in her room. Of course, at home the curtains were a blue-and-white chintz and the furniture itself was all wood painted white and the only reds were touches on pictures or lacquerware this-and-that, but soft yellow was a familiar color, a safe color. Realizing the professor had yet more to say, she sat down gingerly on the edge of a settee, crossing her ankles and folding her hands in her lap, handbag discreetly placed by her feet.

She had known the announcement she would share a room with the other girl was coming, and had not expected it to bother her, but she was in for an unpleasant surprise when the actual announcement brought a flutter of anxiety. She had never had a room of her own, of course – there were four girls in her family, two to each bedroom – but the thing which hadn’t really occurred to her until now was that this roommate wasn’t Tatya. She was used to sharing spaces with her sisters, but a roommate was slightly different, she thought, now that she was faced with an actual person with a face and a name – a name she suspected she was going to say slightly wrong when Professor Xavier finished his speech.

She looked somberly at the other girl when that happened. “Hello,” she said gravely, slipping automatically into Russian etiquette, which dictated that she refrain from smiling during this, their first meeting, lest her new roommate think that Katya was making fun of her. “My name is Katerina. Professor said yours – Leeza?” she tried hopefully.

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    • Getting to know you better (tag Lyssa). — Katerina Vorontsov, Mon Aug 6 21:17
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        • It seems like a good idea.Katerina, Mon Nov 5 19:42
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