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Katerina Vorontsov
I'm just a soul whose intentions are good (for Dorian).
Tue Aug 14, 2018 17:43

For as long as she could remember, Katya had accepted the idea that Tatya was cleverer than her as a fact without much in the way of dissent. In fact, if she was to be honest, she could even say she somewhat admired her sister. The qualities that made Mama cluck about Tatya being willful and which made Papa laugh and say Tatya should have been a son were those which opened doors to both of them - including the doors to Sonora Academy.

If she was to be yet more truthful, Katya might have admitted that she had almost resented the opening of those doors before she had arrived. She was glad that Tatya had given her the opportunity to study English - Katya liked languages - but going to an American school was not something she would have chosen for herself. She would have felt much surer of herself at school in Russia, she had thought. Since arriving, however, she had had other things on her mind, such as picking the absolute perfect book out of the history section of the library.

Meeting Dorian Montoir at the Opening Feast had cinched Katya's opinion of her sister's superiority, along with adding a touch of wonder to it. She had always thought of Tatya as clever, but too impatient to really know anything systematically - this was more or less what Anton Petrovich had said when Katya, anxious, had asked him once if he thought she would do as well as Tatya in American school. To keep such company as she evidently did, however, it was clear that Tatya must do better here than she did at home among their parents and siblings. If Katya wanted to keep up, she was going to have to prove she was just as polished and accomplished as her sister's circle, and it was with this thought in mind that she had evaluated every book she could find in the library which dealt with Byzantium.

Many had been too difficult for her to work through the English, but finally, she had narrowed down a pool, then made a selection, which she had now wrapped in pale blue tissue paper and tied with white string. Five times, to get the bow Just So - it would not help her case to look sloppy. Once she was satisfied at last with that, she had unlocked her writing slope and gotten out her French dictionary to compose the accompanying note in her best handwriting.

Dear Monsieur Montoir,

Since you said you do not know much about Byzantium, I found a good book about it to show you. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your company at the Beginning Feast.


Katerina Andreyevna Vorontsova

PS - the library says I may only keep the book two weeks, so if you can return it to them or to me by then I would appreciate it very much.

OOC: To be clear, the note is supposed to be in slightly imperfect French IC - my own just wasn't quite up to writing it that way.

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