Lyssa Fitzgerald
I guess we better get to know each other
Mon Oct 22, 2018 15:28

Lyssa was uncomfortable in her robe. She’d never worn something like it, and she wished she could just wear jeans, though she did think the look of the big hall with everyone in their robes was beautiful.

Parker had been right in describing it as a place where the outside had been brought in, and throughout the talk she had been staring around, not fully listening to what the principal was saying. When the time came for the sorting Parker had poked her in the side so that she would be paying attention.

When she found that she’d been sorted into not Pecari, Lyssa let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her brother, it was more that she didn’t want to have Parker checking in on her every day.

She smiled politely when the other first year had walked up and followed the rest of her new house out the door. Lyssa held her map in front of her trying to orient herself as Professor Xavier talked to them. Lyssa assumed from the description given that this was the Professor X Parker mentioned.

When she saw him do the jig she had found the jig entertaining, though a bit hard to follow if she was being honest with herself. The first time she tried it she failed miserably and by the third time had gotten it, though it was not pretty. Still the door opened and Lyssa walked in.

The colors were warm and welcoming. She couldn’t say that yellow was a color she had thought of as one she enjoyed before the moment of walking into the room. Yet now as she felt some unknown tension release itself, she associated this color with relaxation.

When the professor mentioned they were going to share rooms Lyssa simply nodded. Honestly she hadn’t thought about it at all. If you had asked her, she would have said that she was going to have her own room, just like Parker seemed to. She’d never shared a room with anyone. Living with older brothers meant she always, at least in her memory, had her own room. Part of her was interested, but she didn’t even know what to expect. What did you do when you shared a room?

The other girl sounded like she wasn’t a native English speaker. Parker had mentioned there was a girl his year from Russia or maybe just Russian? Katerina sounded like she might be related.

Lyssa stuck out her hand. Lyssa spoke slowly in hopes that she didn’t speak too quickly.

“Yes. Lyssa. It’s nice to meet you Katerina. So umm…. I’ve never shared a room. Have you? What do we do first? Choose beds?”

  • Getting to know you better (tag Lyssa).Katerina Vorontsov, Mon Aug 6 21:17
    Katya supposed it spoke poorly of her, and was an insult to Dorian, but she was a little surprised when he offered her a hand getting up and then escorted her over to Professor Xavier and the Other... more
    • I guess we better get to know each other — Lyssa Fitzgerald, Mon Oct 22 15:28
      • It seems like a good idea.Katerina, Mon Nov 5 19:42
        Katya listened closely to the talking, understanding words and, with a slight delay, putting them into meaningful units. “That is a good start, I think,” she said, also slowly, but in her case... more
        • Glad we're on the same page thenLyssa Fitzgerald, Mon Nov 19 18:28
          Scratchy. That was the word that kept coming into Lyssa's head whenever the robes moved. They were scratchy beyond belief. Or maybe it was the sudden change in the air. There was something about this ... more
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