It seems like a good idea.
Mon Nov 5, 2018 19:42

Katya listened closely to the talking, understanding words and, with a slight delay, putting them into meaningful units.

“That is a good start, I think,” she said, also slowly, but in her case because just thinking through the words was an effort. She didn’t think she was speaking too slowly, but how could she be sure? What if this girl was going to tell her she should not speak at all, the way that pig had at Orientation? What if –

No. She was not going to think like this. She was not some nobody. She was Katerina Andreyevna Vorontsova. Her papa was one of the biggest men in Volshebnaya Derevnya and her mama had been the most beautiful woman in St. Petersburg before she had married. Katerina could read four languages. Papa always called Tatiana his umnaya doch’ and Anya had a wealthy fiancé, but even they were not as proficient with languages as Katya was – Anya had little English and Tatya had never even tried to acquire any German. When she was an adult – well, it wouldn’t be proper for her to do so, of course, but if she had been a man, she could have traveled through half of Europe by herself and got around without an interpreter. She could definitely have a conversation with another little girl.

“I always share a room,” she added, adding an American smile to cover her nerves. “I have sisters three. Do you have sisters?” This was a good way to gain information about Lyssa and about her family, how they lived.

  • I guess we better get to know each otherLyssa Fitzgerald, Mon Oct 22 15:28
    Lyssa was uncomfortable in her robe. She’d never worn something like it, and she wished she could just wear jeans, though she did think the look of the big hall with everyone in their robes was... more
    • It seems like a good idea. — Katerina, Mon Nov 5 19:42
      • Glad we're on the same page thenLyssa Fitzgerald, Mon Nov 19 18:28
        Scratchy. That was the word that kept coming into Lyssa's head whenever the robes moved. They were scratchy beyond belief. Or maybe it was the sudden change in the air. There was something about this ... more
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