Lyssa Fitzgerald
Glad we're on the same page then
Mon Nov 19, 2018 18:28

Scratchy. That was the word that kept coming into Lyssa's head whenever the robes moved. They were scratchy beyond belief. Or maybe it was the sudden change in the air. There was something about this air she wasn't used to, and she didn't know what it was. It was almost like it was a bit wet. She tried to keep still so she wouldn't bother her new roommate though.

Lyssa's eyes grew large at the mention of "sisters three."

She'd dreamed of having a sister once or twice, especially when JJ was at his worst right before the man in the kitchen. Still, Lyssa had never thought of having three of them. That would be too much for her. Having Parker and JJ was enough of a pain at times, adding anyone else would be, difficult.

"Wow, three sisters? I have two brothers. That was a lot. One is here. He is in Pecari."

Lyssa doubted her new roommate knew Parker, or if she did it was by reputation only and not the real Parker. She could imagine what people thought of Parker already. If it was anything like the last school they'd shared it was that he was a slightly dim jock.

Lyssa couldn't take it anymore and pulled the robe overhead. She was standing in the nice new jeans and collared blue shirt she'd had on when her parents drove her to the station to be picked up. She brushed down the front of her shirt getting all the fuzzy bits off.

"Sorry. I don't like the robes." She picked up the robes off the ground and looked around for a place to hang them up.

  • It seems like a good idea.Katerina, Mon Nov 5 19:42
    Katya listened closely to the talking, understanding words and, with a slight delay, putting them into meaningful units. “That is a good start, I think,” she said, also slowly, but in her case... more
    • Glad we're on the same page then — Lyssa Fitzgerald, Mon Nov 19 18:28
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