Raine Collindale
A hopefully reasonable request (tag Professor Xavier)
Wed Jan 2, 2019 05:50

It was a few weeks until the end of term. Raine stood hesitatntly outside Professor Xavier's door. She had no idea how realistic the request she wanted to make was... Whether it was something Professor Xavier would be able to gather together in an afternoon, or whether it would be impossible in the time avaialble, or simply outright denied. This had been putting her off asking, which had the unfortunate side effect of making the middle option an ever increasing possibility, which of course led to her being more reluctant to ask and so on...

The necessary tipping point had been reached though, where the guilt at procrastinating on the task and its seeming urgency outweighed the anxiety about doing it. And so, here she was.

She knocked and went in, feeling a little guilty as she did so. It would have been nice if this could have just been a social visit. To say thank you, and goodbye and things like that. She would have to do that before the end of term. But this wasn't that visit. This was her wanting things. Needing help. Again.

She exchanged polite hellos and how are yous before getting to the matter at hand.

"You know those... list things we get at the start of term, about what we're doing in class that year?" she asked. "I was wondering if I... if I could get copies. Of all of them. All the subjects, all the years," the request was sounding more and more unreasonable even as she said it, and she was sure he was going to say no. "I mean... people probably do have them all. We were given them," she tried to explain. In her head, they were a perfectly logical thing to ask for but she was used to how she thought not really lining up with how the school thought, and she felt sure they were goinng to feel she was not entitled to this. "And it would be possible that I had them all except... well, I don't."

    • Seems reasonableNathan Xavier, Thu Jan 3 19:16
      Nathan smiled as Raine entered his office. If he admitted to having favorites, he might also admit Raine was one of them. He was going to miss her next year, and he was glad for her visit, whether it ... more
      • How about this?Raine, Fri Jan 4 21:38
        The word Professor Xavier used was familiar, and Raine nodded. She was sort of surprised when he got mixed up about his words, and admitted to not knowing what to call more than one of them. She... more
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