Nathan Xavier
Seems reasonable
Thu Jan 3, 2019 19:16

Nathan smiled as Raine entered his office. If he admitted to having favorites, he might also admit Raine was one of them. He was going to miss her next year, and he was glad for her visit, whether it was merely social (something he did encourage among his Teppenpaws) or if she actually had something to discuss.

It looked like it was the latter today.

"Syllabuses," Nathan said, supplying Raine with the word she was looking for in regards to the 'list things she got at the start of term' but then doubted his own answer and added, more questioningly, "Syllabi. Syllabuses. I am not one hundred percent sure what the plural form of syllabus is," he admitted after a moment. It wasn't important, though, and he shook his head slightly, dismissing the point.

"But yes, I can get you those, definitely and easily for the ones from this year, and the ones from my class. I think Deputy Headmistress Skies keeps an archive of old ones from all the teachers, but I'm not sure how far back it goes. I can check with her, but it shouldn't be a problem. Even if I can't find the exact ones you were given at each grade level, I can find something for you to use to know what gets covered at each grade level."

He didn't ask what she needed them for. He had a pretty good guess it was a study aide for the her RATS exams, which would be coming up in just a few weeks. Still, it was best to check, "Do you need them for all subjects, or just the ones you are taking now?"

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    • Seems reasonable — Nathan Xavier, Thu Jan 3 19:16
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