How about this?
Fri Jan 4, 2019 21:38

The word Professor Xavier used was familiar, and Raine nodded. She was sort of surprised when he got mixed up about his words, and admitted to not knowing what to call more than one of them. She thought he knew everything. And, even if he didn’t, grown ups didn’t often admit to not knowing things - especially not grown ups who were teachers. She supposed she, herself, was a grown up now, and she still would have said she didn’t know much. She wondered when she would start feeling like she wasn’t clueless. Maybe sometime before she was twenty one. That was the next big landmark age. And there were things she couldn’t do before then, so maybe that was why she still didn’t feel like a grown up. And that was three whole years away, which was loads of time. And she had a plan, after all. She knew two whole things that she wanted to do with her life. The first being to work a gymnast in her family’s circus. The second being… why she was here.

“Thank you,” she smiled, relieved that he seemed to think this was possible, easy and allowed. “That’ll be great. They don’t have to be the exact ones just… any kind of… guide.

“Umm… Well, all subjects up until CATS level. Uh, the upper year ones… Probably they don’t matter so much,” she offered, doing her best to explain clearly. He hadn’t asked why. And she didn’t have to tell him. And that was comforting and reassuring and it made her feel more like she could, and the one other issue - that someone might laugh at her idea - she knew wasn’t going to be a problem with Professor Xavier. He had never laughed at her, or told her she couldn’t do… anything. He had always believed she could, until she’d almost started believing it herself, for somethings. She’d gotten two whole CATS, after all, hadn’t she? And she was going to graduate high school. She was a person who could do things. And maybe if she explained what she was doing, he’d know better what bits of paper to get her to help. She also wanted to tell him her plans, just so he’d know. “My brother’s having a baby. Not Kyte. Our older brother. You’re allowed to home educate your kids. It’s wizard law. But the MACUSA people, they said our mom didn’t have a proper plan on how to educate us, which is why they made us come here. I… I know there’s more to being a teacher than that. And even if I’ve got a plan, they’ll probably find some other excuse, like saying I’m too dumb to do it. But it’s the first step. Having a plan. I… I’m not saying anything’s wrong with Sonora, but I don’t think it suits us. I think Starr’s kid would be better off at home with us, and I wanna keep them there. Do you… do you think I can do it?”

  • Seems reasonableNathan Xavier, Thu Jan 3 19:16
    Nathan smiled as Raine entered his office. If he admitted to having favorites, he might also admit Raine was one of them. He was going to miss her next year, and he was glad for her visit, whether it ... more
    • How about this? — Raine, Fri Jan 4 21:38
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