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Laila Kennedy
An owl for Wu Peizhi
Mon Aug 8, 2016 14:49

Dear Wu,

No, that wasnít quite right. Laila crossed it out and started again.

Dear Peizhi,

Again, Laila crossed out the opening line to the letter only this time she made a few extra strikes for good measure. Nothing seemed appropriate. Wu was what her friend seemed to prefer, and culturally speaking Laila supposed thatís who she ought to address the letter to. But from Lailaís point of view it seemed too formal for someone who she cared about that deeply. However she didnít want to offend her quiet friend who had taken to avoiding the lot of them recently. Jax didnít seem to want to talk about it, and though logically the distance pointed to an altercation between the older boy and the Teppenpaw, Laila still worried she might have done something to upset her. Her base instincts told her to let Wu be, but her mother had always said that an apology note was in order after one party gravely offended the other and so that was why Laila was sitting at her desk on her third sheet of paper, trying to figure out what to say.

Finally, she made up her mind. The rest of the letter flowed rather naturally until it filled four sheets, but she crossed most of it out and rewrote it to something much simpler that was more to the point and less likely to cause a heart attack or an aneurysm when read by the more reserved girl. Satisfied with what was left, she copied it all on a nicer piece of paperóa pretty blue and gold stationary that her mother had given her for Christmas that year, and set off to the owlery. She had considered giving the letter to Tobi at dinner and have her friend hand deliver the letter, but she had rethought things in case Wu didnít want their personal grievances aired to the publicósurely involving more people would be cause for some sort of strife because even though Laila didnít know what it was, something was definitely wrong.

The final draft of the letter as it sat on Wu Peizhiís desk that afternoon after having been delivered to the Teppenpaw Third Year Girlís Dorm was as followed:

Dear Friend,

I didnít know how to bring this up with you and I donít want to offend, but I really miss you and if Iíve done something to upset you Iíd rather know than not know so that I can apologise.

Lots of love,

    • An owl backWu Peizhi, Tue Aug 9 15:50
      Dear Friend , She wanted to start the reply that way since Laila had addressed her as such in the first letter, but Wu was still afraid of the word, tentative, and didnít feel like she deserved to... more
      • A ...... backLaila, Wed Aug 10 23:43
        When she returned from dinner, there was a letter sitting on Laila's desk. Her heart beating really fast, she knew it could only be from one person. But she was frightened to open it, imagining all... more
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