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Wu Peizhi
An owl back
Tue Aug 9, 2016 15:50

Dear Friend,

She wanted to start the reply that way since Laila had addressed her as such in the first letter, but Wu was still afraid of the word, tentative, and didnít feel like she deserved to use it now, even if she wanted to. She scrapped the paper; goodbye, first draft.

Wu sighed, grateful to have the room alone for the time being. She liked Abby, but if she had to be a failure, she would have rathered be a failure in solitude. These things were so hard; she didnít know why she was so underprepared for all these things Sonora had thrown at her. Her parents thought she was ready for American school because she spoke English well, but there were so many more nuances she had yet to master. Being a good human being seemed to be one of them.


You have treated me with nothing but kindness. You are not the problem. I am. But I am working on it. Very hard. I just need time.

She paused, her mind fluttering back to her recent talk with Abby, the words she had said in passing that still reverberated in Peizhiís mind.

Trust me.

Wu Peizhi.

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