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A ...... back
Wed Aug 10, 2016 23:43

When she returned from dinner, there was a letter sitting on Laila's desk. Her heart beating really fast, she knew it could only be from one person. But she was frightened to open it, imagining all the terrible things that she had done to cause Wu to stop speaking to her. In the end, she opened her Transfiguration book and attempted to study before finally caving in.

After reading it, Laila sat on her bed, still and quiet. She didn't really know how to respond--she didn't even know if it was the sort of note that one did respond to. She didn't want to leave it unattended too in case Wu expected a response, but there really wasn't that much Laila could say.

That last line was especially ominous... "Trust me." What did that mean? Laila frowned, her fingers wrinkling the paper slightly. Biting her lip, she leaned forward over her knees and examined the letter from Wu. It was in those quiet moments of reflection and conferring with God that Laila knew what to do. Picking up a stub of pencil, she pulled the lead out of it so that it would be easier to transfigure and then she transfigured the old writing utensil into a little wooden heart. Then, she took an old ballpoint pen and into the surface of the heart, she scratched only three words.

I trust you.

  • An owl backWu Peizhi, Tue Aug 9 15:50
    Dear Friend , She wanted to start the reply that way since Laila had addressed her as such in the first letter, but Wu was still afraid of the word, tentative, and didnít feel like she deserved to... more
    • A ...... back — Laila, Wed Aug 10 23:43
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