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Gia Donovan & Joella Curtis
Setting this straight.
Wed Aug 24, 2016 16:05

Jax had confided to Gia about his talk with Joella and how he had massively messed it up and wasn't sure what to do about it. Gia could relate. Her argument with Sammy was proof of that. She knew that her brother just wasn't good with communication so it was no surprise to her that it didn't go the way he had wanted it too.

Over the last couple of days, Gia thought about whether or not she ought to broach the subject with her friend and ultimately she thought that she might be able to explain her brother better than he could himself.

Spotting the fifth year in the common room, Gia made her way over to her, “Hi Joella.” She greeted, “Can we talk in private somewhere?”

“Sure,” Joella smiled, looking up from her work. “More private than this?” She was studying alone and she didn't think anyone would eavesdrop, although one could never be too sure. She was rather surprised by Gia’s request and couldn't fathom what she might want to talk about. Things had happened in the past few weeks that had led her to see the younger girl slightly different. Apparently Gia was not all as she seemed. Joella certainly didn't like her any less but she did feel just a little bit ‘suspicious’ (for want of a better word) of her.

Gia looked around for a moment, trying to decide if this would be too public to discuss her brother. Finding that they were rather secluded, Gia took a seat next to Joella and looked at her with a look that was not often seen on her face; sadness. “Jax told me about what happened and I felt that you needed an explanation.” Gia stated, getting straight to it.

Joella’s initial reaction to the subject that Gia unexpectedly brought up was to be rather mortified. Of course, Jax would tell his sister - they were close like that. She hadn’t held back from spilling her side of the story to a few particular friends so why should she expect him to? She just wasn’t all that sure why Gia felt it necessary to get involved. She’d revealed that she liked Jax and he’d made it clear that there was no way in hell he’d ever return such feelings so it should have just ended there. It would only be humiliating to sit here now and let his sister try and make her feel better too.

The fifth year would have voiced these thoughts to the younger Pecari if it hadn’t been for the unfamiliar sad expression on Gia’s face. “What further explanation is there?” Joella shook her head nonetheless, clearly doubtful but not speaking harshly in any way. Her friend probably meant well so it wouldn’t do to get touchy about it all. “Jax doesn’t like me and I could already tell that much. It’s fine.” It wasn’t all that fine really because her feelings for Jax hadn’t changed but Joella knew she’d have to get over it - there was no other option.

“That's not true.” Gia countered, “And that's why he's pushed you away. I know he comes off like he does not care but it's the opposite. Jax cares too much.” Gia took a breath as she thought about the best way to approach this would be. “Jax feels responsible for me and for our mother. He was with our father when he… when he was killed. He was only five when it happened, but because of everything that happened, he's always felt like it was his fault.”

Gia paused to take another breath. Talk of her father always left her feeling low and near tears. “My brother believes that he doesn't deserve to be happy and that if he gets too close to people, he'll only end up hurting them.” She explained.

Joella hadn’t really known what to anticipate but she certainly wasn’t prepared for the information that Gia chose to reveal about her brother. She didn’t know much about the Donovans’ background but had gathered that their father was not around. “I’m sorry,” she whispered after a moment’s pause. The haunted look in her sister’s eyes after Rolene had watched her fiancé fight for his life just a month or so ago was still imprinted in Joella’s mind so she felt she could almost empathize with Jax’s tragic experience herself at least. It must have been awful for him to go through at the time, not to mention carry with him for so long that he was still greatly affected by it ten years later. The fifth year was at a loss for words for a moment.

“I don’t…” Joella took a deep breath, a little shakier than she would’ve liked, before continuing. “I don’t think Jax could hurt anyone.” She hesitated again and she ran things through her mind, trying to take in all that Gia had explained to her. “Both of you are such kindhearted people, and that means you do deserve to be happy, more so than anyone.” Surprisingly she was beginning to wonder if that was more the case for Jax than for Gia but the latter had been nothing but the loveliest person in the world to her personally so she still found it hard to believe she could be otherwise. “Thank you for explaining this to me,” Joella said, wanting Gia to know that all she had said was appreciated. It couldn’t an easy thing to talk about, for sure. “You both know I’m always here for you though, right?”

“Yes, of course.” Gia stated, never doubting Joella’s friendship. “I just felt that you deserved to know why Jax is like that. He's a complicated person with a heavy burden.” Although that could be viewed in regards to their father's death, Gia was really referring to his curse. “He has feelings for you, otherwise he never would have tried so hard to let you down politely.”

“I like to think we’re friends,” Joella nodded before forcing herself to grin, despite the despondent conversation. “But hey, don’t start using the word feelings because that’ll only encourage mine.” She had to laugh at herself because there was no point being miserable when her situation was so inevitable.

Gia gave her a smile, “Honestly, that's a little of what I am hoping for.” She stated. “I think you would be good for him.” Gia stood and squeezed Joella’s hand. “I won't bother you about it any longer, but I hope you understand him a little better now.”

“Thank you,” Joella chuckled gently, finding herself glad that Gia had decided to talk about Jax to her after all. Her friend’s words were kind and reassuring, even if Jax didn’t see it the same way.

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