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Ben Pierce
Wouldn't miss it!
Sat Oct 8, 2016 17:09

Ben's first stop the day after the feast was the Pecari Bulletin board, and he was pleased to find what he was looking for posted already. "Sweet, second on the list!" he crowed, his inability to sleep in this morning suddenly not seeming such a burden as when he'd been staring up at the ceiling and cursing the time difference that made 'ridiculously early hour' here into 'wake-up time' to his body.

With Atlas graduated, there was even a good chance he'd finally get to have the position his father and uncle had held.

Ben Pierce, 3rd Year, Beater! (or Chaser, but Beater!)

That, he felt would let Joella know what he really wanted to have (though in truth she probably already did), but it should also show he was open to the possibility of continuing on a chaser if need be. He was a team player, after all.

Feeling much happier now that he was officially signed up for another year of Sporting, he headed on out with a bounce in his step as he made his way to the Cascade Hall to get breakfast now that it was finally open.

  • Quidditch Sign-ups!Capt. Joella Curtis, Sat Oct 8 15:46
    Irrelevant of her inner moral turmoil and bigger dreams, there was no way that Joella was willing to let the Quidditch Cup slip right through Pecariís fingers this term. Theyíd made a breakthrough... more
    • Pick me!Luke Powell, Fri Oct 21 04:41
      Luke was pretty pleased with his sorting. He seemed to have landed himself in the coolest house because, now he came to think of it, the others sounded pretty lame. Although, just because he didnít... more
    • Let's do this!Ingrid Wolsiethcrafte, Sun Oct 16 20:40
      Ingrid felt really pumped for the new Quidditch season. Even though she wasnít assistant captain, she hadnít ever expected to be, and it was such an unexpected honour that Joella had even considered... more
    • Don't worry, I'm hereJamie Park, Sun Oct 16 11:20
      Last yearís champions. Jamie grinned broadly as he saw the words on the sheet. His sixth year at Sonora had been his best by far and he was determined to see his seventh out in similar style.... more
    • Me again!Lily Spencer, Fri Oct 14 14:02
      Last year Lily had been a reserve which had been fun, but not that fun. She didn't get to experience the thrill of matches, but she knew her turn would come. Eventually. For now she would just have... more
    • *further incoherent screaming*Sammy Meeks, Mon Oct 10 15:45
      This was gonna be a great year. After sending off her letter and little reward with Joellaís owl, Sammy bounded downstairs to the Common Room, still fully clad in her pajamas. (Batman: the classiest... more
    • Wouldn't miss it! — Ben Pierce, Sat Oct 8 17:09
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