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Joella Curtis
A message for Ingrid...
Sun Oct 9, 2016 13:58

Usually the sixth year would feel sorry for Ingrid having no roommates to share her dormitory with but right now it was highly convenient. Joella wanted to speak to the fourth year in private so she chose to knock on her door on the second evening of the new school term.

“Hey,” she smiled at her favourite teammate in a quick greeting before requesting entry and stepping into the room. It was clear that she had something on her mind that she was very eager to talk to Ingrid about, and she’d never been one to beat about the bush.

“I need to talk to you about something,” Joella looked at little uncomfortable as she began. She hated to have to let Ingrid down in such a way when whether or not to do so was technically supposed to be her choice. “I just wanted to tell you in person that I have made Sammy assistant captain for this term, before you find out with the rest of the team. It was a very hard decision for me to make as I know how dedicated you are and the great opportunity that being a captain would give you.”

She paused and bit her lip before adding, “I’m really sorry.” It was obvious that she was expecting Ingrid to be disappointed by the news, at the very least.

“I do know how much you love Quidditch and I appreciate that because I’m just the same, and it means so much more to us than people like- well many people, but they won’t understand that,” Joella had to catch herself before she supplied names but it was probably implied given the context. Her words now were probably more for her own benefit than Ingrid’s because there was no reason to believe the younger girl felt the same way.

“But what I’m really trying to say is that the reason I didn’t pick you wasn’t because I don’t value you,” the captain still had more to say. “I assure you I have noticed your dedication to the team and really look forward to seeing you develop further. And I’d be happy to put in some extra time to work with you whilst I’m captain if you wish?”

“You’re one of our top players now and even though you aren’t going to be my assistant captain, I think it would be really good for you to start thinking about how you can help carry the team when I leave because…” Joella dropped her gaze briefly to the ground because she realised she was now verging on being offensive to Sammy, who was also a good friend and a valuable teammate, not to mention her new assistant captain. “...Because I think you’d be good at that.”

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