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Sammy Meeks
*Incoherent screaming* for Joella
Mon Oct 10, 2016 15:32

Though primarily still asleep, Sammy’s brain detected the slight sounds of feathers beating. Somebody must have a letter, she concluded with what level of conscious thought she could muster. But when she heard the letter drop and, from the sound of it, on the desk closest to her bed, the brunette bolted upright. I must have a letter! And, with a family of Muggles at home and no other connection to the magical world except, like, maybe Gia’s mom, there was only one type of letter that could possibly come her way.

She half-tripped out of bed, letting out a squeak that she hoped didn’t wake either of her roommates (although whether Gia or Sutton were even here at the moment she didn’t know, as she hadn’t looked around and Sammy happened to generally sleep a bit late), but eventually she made it to her desk in one piece. And sure as the sun was yellow, there it was. The fifth year hungrily ripped open the envelope, tearing the corner of the letter in the process but only rendering it to say ear Sammy but otherwise remaining completely legible.

This was it! The letter she’d been hoping and praying to receive for a long time now! A part of her couldn’t help wondering why her friend didn’t just speak to her in person, but Sammy wrote it off as a matter of tradition to do the announcement by post. Assistant Captain! Holy crap!

She dug around her already messy desk to find a clean, empty parchment and something with which (haha, which/witch--magical puns) to write her response.

O Captain, My Captain, she began cheerily, fully awake now, rocked to her core by the happy news.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I won’t let you down! I can’t wait to get started! We’re going to have a great year!

Your friend,
Assistant Captain Sammy Meeks

“Here,” she said, practically shoving the envelop into Joella’s owl’s claws. Sammy’s brown eyes darted around the room quickly, looking for a reward for the patient little bird, but she didn’t have any because she didn’t own an owl, and she didn’t want to get into either Gia or Sutton’s belongings to check. “Uh, here!” she said, grabbing a hair barrette and clipping it gently into the bird’s feathers. “I don’t have a snack, but at least you look adorable! Now fly, darling! Fly!” She half doubted the barrette would even survive the flight down the hall (and beyond, she imagined), but she supposed if she found it on the floor somewhere she would just retrieve it. Who cared? She was Assistant Captain!

This was gonna be a great year.

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