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No news is good news?
Fri Oct 21, 2016 04:01

Ingrid felt her stomach knot up as the Pecari captain came into her room. Normally Joella paying a visit would have been a happy occasion, especially as she was all on her own, but it didn’t seem from Joella’s expression, or her first words, like she was here for anything good, although Ingrid couldn’t imagine what in the world she had to tell her that would be bad news.

Her jaw, however, was practically on the floor by the time Joella finished speaking.

“I… I wasn’t really expecting it,” she managed to say. “I mean, I’m really flattered that you’d consider me, so please don’t apologise - it’s more of a compliment that you were thinking about it than a disappointment that you didn’t.

“That sounds really great,” she beamed, as Joella talked about them spending extra time together. She really liked hanging out with the Pecari captain, and the thought of having some one to one training from her made her feel super special. She was too busy wrapped up in this thought to notice the almost slip, the suggestion that the team might be needing her once Joella was gone, although she had noticed her reference earlier to ’people like-

“Thanks,” she added, reaching out to give Joella a hug. “Everything you said… It means a lot to me that you’ve noticed and you think that stuff about me.

“Was there…” she struggled to form the question, her mind unable to get past the ’people like-’ that Joella had started but not finished. “Was there any other reason you were considering me?” she asked. “I mean, you’ve told me why you think I’d but good but…” she left the question hanging, not really wanting to finish it outloud. She liked Sammy. She had no reason to trash talk her or suspect she wouldn’t be a good captain. Ok, she was a Muggleborn, so she hadn’t been playing the sport very long. But historically that hadn’t been considered a valid reason by the school in general to pass people over. Was it just that had worried Joella, or was it something else that she hadn’t picked up on?

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    • No news is good news? — Ingrid, Fri Oct 21 04:01
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