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Salali Bly
Loafing around
Mon Nov 21, 2016 02:46

There was a couch in the Pecari Common room of which Salali was very fond. It was just the right amount of soft, and she liked to lay across it on her belly, propped up by her elbows. She had enough room to stretch her legs all the way across, but she liked to bend them at the knee, gently kicking her feet in the air. This was how she did most of her school assignments. Putting weight on her arms this way did not bode well for her handwriting, which was on the messier side anyway, but it was great for reading. Her neck craned in, head tilted in a way that looked like it should have been painful, brown eyes scanning slowly across each page.

By no means was Salali an academic, but growing up in essentially one room, her brother’s lesson had been the only thing she had to look forward to. Then at the orphanage, sometimes the other girls let her borrow their books. Other times, she just took them because she didn’t remember that she had to ask, and those times she got into trouble, but it was always okay in the end.

The book she currently read--out of boredom more than anything else--was borrowed, with permission, from the library. The library lady was very nice and said she could borrow whatever she wanted! Sometimes when the first year read, she lost track of the actual plot or some characters, so she would substitute her own. They probably weren’t as good, but that was okay. She was used to making up stories, because that was the only other thing she had to do by herself. Sometimes she wrote them down and would read them aloud to herself. Salali was very good at doing the different voices for different people.

Just as she concluded the book, she sensed somebody was getting near, both via the sound of footsteps and also that weird sensation of being looked at. Salali flopped gracelessly on the couch, contorting in a way that resulted with her laying on her back, her legs still in the air, rather like a dog waiting for a scratch on the belly. “Hello!” she greeted cheerfully.

    • Sounds fun!Natalie Atwater, Mon Nov 21 13:41
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