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Natalie Atwater
Sounds fun!
Mon Nov 21, 2016 13:41

Ever since she'd been at school, Natalie had been taking full advantage of the school's water room, something Kelsey never really spoke about and when the Pecari-who obviously knew about all Sonora's amenities when everyone in her family had gone here and her aunt and uncle even used to work here-asked her, the older girl brushed it aside as unimportant and admonished her to focus on what mattered- meeting the right people and academics. Honestly, her sister was even worse than her parents and getting prefect didn't seem to help matters. If anything, Kelsey was more insufferable.

She had just finished snorkling when she entered the Pecari common room. Her hair was still wet though she had changed back into her clothing. After all, an Atwater could not be seen walking through the school in a bathing suit, even a decidedly modest and age appropriate one piece. Not that Natalie had anything to show at this point. Still, it just wasn't an all right way to be seen and not just because Kelsey would have a fit. The wet messy hair was bad enough.

Not that the first year always understood why things were the way they were, in this case why she had to wear her regular clothing walking through the school, when she'd been wearing a swimming suit in public already. Anyone could have walked in when Natalie was in the water room. Or the fact that she shared a room and therefore had to parade around in her nightgown in front of her roommate. Did Salali not being a member of pureblood society-or it seemed any society really- make that better or worse? On the one hand, one had to Look Good in front of society people and the opinions of Muggleborns were not supposed to matter, according to people like Kelsey and the Atwater family in general. On the other hand, Kelsey insisted Natalie needed the basics of flying to show superiority to Muggleborns and therefore it followed that she should not let one see her in a less than ideal state so she could assert her dominance or something. It was all so very confusing.

Speaking of Salali-which Natalie kind of thought was a cool name cuz it sounded like salami-she spotted her as soon as she came into the common room. However, she had to go up to her room and dry her hair first. Then, she came back down and approached the other first year. She was not going to ignore her roommate. Natalie had to live with her for the next seven years, it was in her best interest to get along with Salali. Besides, the girl was kind of amusing. "Hi." Natalie returned her roommate's greeting. "What are you reading?"

  • Loafing aroundSalali Bly, Mon Nov 21 02:46
    There was a couch in the Pecari Common room of which Salali was very fond. It was just the right amount of soft, and she liked to lay across it on her belly, propped up by her elbows. She had enough... more
    • Sounds fun! — Natalie Atwater, Mon Nov 21 13:41
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