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Tess Whittaker
The return of Tess [Tag: Ben]
Fri Dec 23, 2016 07:10

Tess let out a deep breath as she walked through the corridors of Sonora once more. She’d only been away for a few days, but it seemed like far longer. The world had changed, had shifted somehow, and Tess felt like that slight change was reflected in her. But how, exactly?

She’d stood there that morning, wrapped in a towel and staring in the mirror, searching for the outward changes that surely would arise after the recent event. She looked a little tired, maybe, with slight bags under her eyes, and her face seemed a little more relaxed, at peace with the world around her. But other than these superficial changes, she just looked like Tess; the same girl she’d always been. It made no sense, but then she’d smiled at herself, thinking of the little baby waiting for a morning cuddle, and the change became apparent.

And there she was, walking through the corridors: the old Tess, who was also the new Tess. A skip in her step, her confidence re-found, her smile ever-present once more. Tess was happy, properly happy. She was free of the fear and the worry that had haunted her for months, and it showed. Emma was well! Okay, she wasn’t completely better, and would always have to manage her health carefully (even after the third, less dangerous operation in about a year's time) but surviving this second operation had greatly increased her chances of a long and almost normal life. And Tess was just so happy.

A grin came to her face once more as she thought of all the future Emma would have, and wasn’t life just the best?

It was a Sunday, so the school wasn’t as full as life as it was on busy class days. After dumping her bag in her dorm room, Tess couldn’t stay in the room on her own. Where would her friends be? She couldn’t keep this news to herself! She knew they’d all want to know how the operation had gone, especially as they’d had to cope with a scared and distracted Tess the last week or two.

Going down into the common room, Tess was just thinking of trying the labyrinth gardens, or the library (having separate common rooms could be so inconvenient!) when she spotted Ben, which was perfect. Ben had been such a great friend throughout the whole ordeal, as had his family, and he was becoming a very special person to Tess. It was perfect that he would be the first person she would tell and, as she thought about telling someone that Emma was going to be okay, she felt the joy rise up in her again. Running across the common room, she couldn’t help laughing as she flung herself at Ben, arms around his neck. “She’s going to be fine, Ben, she’s okay!”

    • Tess! You're back!Ben, Fri Dec 23 10:12
      Ben sat in the common room, Not Doing his potions homework. The book laid open on his lap, and he had a quill laying about somewhere nearby (he'd currently misplaced it, but it couldn't have wandered ... more
      • Back, and happier than ever!Tess, Thu Dec 29 12:34
        Tess laughed as Ben swung her round, feeling indescribably happy. She’d just known that Ben would be so happy to hear the news: he was a true friend, and he cared about Emma too. His reaction matched ... more
        • Yay! Happiness and joy!Ben, Thu Jan 12 09:53
          Ben was grinning so hard his cheeks were already starting to hurt, but it was a good thing because Emma was going to be okay! "Good!" he said happily, glad the rest of the family was doing well, too. ... more
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