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Tess! You're back!
Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:12

Ben sat in the common room, Not Doing his potions homework. The book laid open on his lap, and he had a quill laying about somewhere nearby (he'd currently misplaced it, but it couldn't have wandered far), and the essay had a few words written anyway. Mostly though, he was thinking and worrying about Tess. Emma's surgery should be done by now, but he'd heard nothing so far and the lack of news was making him start to fear the worst.

Then he saw her. Tess! She was back! The book toppled to the floor, completely forgotten as he stood and ran over to her. "Tess! You're back!" he mouth repeated the two thoughts that could currently push through everything else he was thinking. Before he could even formulate the question that weighed most heavily upon him, she was answering it and he wrapped her in a joyful hug, catching her as she flung herself at him, and spinning them both around to dispel the extra momentum without staggering or falling over.

"Oh, Merlin! I'm so happy for all of you!" he exclaimed, trying hard not to choke up and start crying because this was good news.

He pulled back, only enough to look at her, but still touching her, supporting her, making sure she was really there and not a figment of his potions-avoiding imagination. Ben was grinning broadly, relieved and feeling just a bit giddy. Emma was okay. She'd pulled through. This was the best news he'd heard since he found out he was going to be an uncle. "You must be, wow, if I'm through the roof, I can't imagine how you and your family feel. Are you all okay, too?"

  • The return of Tess [Tag: Ben]Tess Whittaker, Fri Dec 23 07:10
    Tess let out a deep breath as she walked through the corridors of Sonora once more. She’d only been away for a few days, but it seemed like far longer. The world had changed, had shifted somehow, and ... more
    • Tess! You're back! — Ben, Fri Dec 23 10:12
      • Back, and happier than ever!Tess, Thu Dec 29 12:34
        Tess laughed as Ben swung her round, feeling indescribably happy. She’d just known that Ben would be so happy to hear the news: he was a true friend, and he cared about Emma too. His reaction matched ... more
        • Yay! Happiness and joy!Ben, Thu Jan 12 09:53
          Ben was grinning so hard his cheeks were already starting to hurt, but it was a good thing because Emma was going to be okay! "Good!" he said happily, glad the rest of the family was doing well, too. ... more
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