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Back, and happier than ever!
Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:34

Tess laughed as Ben swung her round, feeling indescribably happy. She’d just known that Ben would be so happy to hear the news: he was a true friend, and he cared about Emma too. His reaction matched just how she felt and, if his hug made her feel a little warm inside, that was brushed aside for now in Emma joy. No doubt she’d be thinking about that later (having a crush was just so exciting and, really, could her life get any better?), but for now she just leaned into his touch, happy to be sharing her happiness with him.

“I, yeah, of course we’re all okay, so okay,” she replied not entirely coherently, feeling tears starting to spring to her eyes. It was starting to get to her: the nightmare was pretty much over, and she was feeling a little emotional. Not quite enough to properly cry, but her eyes were definitely wet, although she felt it was more than justified. They were definitely happy tears, though, as the huge smile that seemed to be permanently etched onto her face proved.

“I just can’t quite believe it,” she confessed, wiping her sleeve over her eyes and never letting up on that smile. “I just keep feeling like I should still be worrying, that I should still be ready for the worst, and then remind myself that the worst isn’t...isn’t that anymore.” Even now, when everything had taken such a turn for the better, she still couldn’t bring herself to exactly put into words how close to death her baby sister had come. But the worst that could happen now was simply bad health, a reduced ability to join in with activities. Emma could still have a happy life - she could still have a life, which was more than Tess had dared to hope for so long. And that thought brought a few more tears to her eyes and, okay, she was crying now, but she was also laughing in joy and amazement and just pure relief.

  • Tess! You're back!Ben, Fri Dec 23 10:12
    Ben sat in the common room, Not Doing his potions homework. The book laid open on his lap, and he had a quill laying about somewhere nearby (he'd currently misplaced it, but it couldn't have wandered ... more
    • Back, and happier than ever! — Tess, Thu Dec 29 12:34
      • Yay! Happiness and joy!Ben, Thu Jan 12 09:53
        Ben was grinning so hard his cheeks were already starting to hurt, but it was a good thing because Emma was going to be okay! "Good!" he said happily, glad the rest of the family was doing well, too. ... more
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