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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Seeking Joella (but tagging Scarlett or Diana)
Mon Jan 2, 2017 08:30

Ingrid was excited to get back to school to be able to go climbing again. Of course, there were places to do it in Chicago, but over the Christmas holidays, there never seemed to be time. There were too many social functions, and she wanted to spend time with her family, especially as most of her siblings had now graduated. Still, once she was back, she took the first available opportunity, pulling on her starry leggings and a long green t-shirt.

She’d mentioned climbing to Joella, when they’d talked about their activities outside of Quidditch, and the older girl had seemed interest, so Ingrid decided to stop by the sixth year girls’ dormitory and see whether her friend was free. However, when she knocked and was called in, she found it wasn’t Joella who was there.

“Oh hi. I was just about to go climbing and thought I’d ask to Joella to join me,” she said, the explanation covering both her presence in the room but also her rather informal attire - Scarlett Brockert and Diana Carey were not people she wanted to give the impression that she was slobby. “Do you mind if I come in to wait for her?” she asked. She could have gone climbing alone, and ordinarily probably would have done so, but since the whole debacle with Louis, she had been feeling a little like she was short of friends. This seemed like a good opportunity to get to know one of the sixth years better. “Or, you’d be very welcome to come with me, but I understand if it’s not your kind of thing,” she added quickly, because it seemed polite to offer but she also didn’t want to make them feel pressured to do something they wouldn’t really enjoy.

OOC - whoever replies, if you’d like to go climbing, you can take the thread up in the MARS room, otherwise we can keep chatting here.

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