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Diana Carey
I guess you're both in and out of luck, then?
Thu Jan 5, 2017 22:36

The midterm holidays were always busy – for one thing, it was a season of celebration, and for another, it was one of the few times between September and June when all the society families got to show off their children and look for potential marriages and other connections that could be made – but this year, Diana had found it even busier than usual. She enjoyed parties, all the dancing and suppers and dresses and jewelry and decorations, but she didn’t even think that her mother had been much more tired than she had been by the time the wagon had arrived in South Carolina. After so many days dancing until midnight and then appearing at brunch the next morning and then calling on people or to cards or coffee hours or tree-lightings or fundraisers before the next dance began, Diana thought anyone would be tired. She could never remember changing her clothes so many times in such a short overall time as she had while she was home for the holidays.

Looking back, she thought she should have expected it. For one thing, with her cousins and brothers making more connections, Diana was naturally on more invitation lists all the time. For another, even more important, thing, she would be seventeen the next time she was at home and would be done with school after next year. Her family didn’t like supporting two people who provided little to nothing to the family, so she was sure everyone was working as hard as possible to marry her off as quickly as possible so she didn’t join Theresa and Henry. She had not thought of that before she went home, though, and that was how Diana found herself in the ridiculous position where she had almost looked forward to getting back to RATS classes.


She was curled up on her bed frowning at notes she had made, trying to remember what she had been thinking when she wrote about Golpalott’s Third Law because she was sure she had thought she understood the concept when she wrote it down, when she heard a knock on the door. She jumped and then frowned at the door instead for a second before relaxing her face, sitting up, and saying, “Come in.”

The person knocking was Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, and from her clothes, Diana thought she might want Joella. “Hi, Ingrid,” she said anyway, smiling. She and Ingrid were casual acquaintances, really, but they might be sisters-in-law after Francesca finished school and Jay saved up enough money, so she didn’t think they had to be very formal with each other. She nodded when Ingrid asked if she could wait for Joella. “Of course,” she said.

If Diana ever designed a dorm room, she thought, she was going to put more thought into the chance that the girls who lived in it might need to entertain visitors someone that wasn’t the huge communal common room sometimes. It seemed strange to tell Ingrid she could have a seat on someone else’s bed, too intimate to offer Ingrid a seat on her own bed, and there were no real seats in the room. Diana reached for her wand, thinking she would turn one of her pillows into a padded stool for the other girl, but stopped when Ingrid suggested something else.

“You know, I can’t say if I know if it’s my kind of thing or not,” she said. “I’ve never tried it. You’d have to show me how.” Diana looked down at her own clothes. “And give me a minute to change,” she added. After the time she’d had to Transfigure one of her skirts into shorts for one of the team challenges, Diana had bought several pairs of real pants and brought them with her to school just in case, and though hers didn’t fit as snugly as Ingrid’s seemed to, that could be fixed more easily with magic than having no pants at all had been. “If that’s all more trouble than you want to take, then I do understand,” she added, and had to work hard not to laugh a little over all the understanding she and Ingrid were doing.

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    • I guess you're both in and out of luck, then? — Diana Carey, Thu Jan 5 22:36
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