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Yay! Happiness and joy!
Thu Jan 12, 2017 09:53

Ben was grinning so hard his cheeks were already starting to hurt, but it was a good thing because Emma was going to be okay! "Good!" he said happily, glad the rest of the family was doing well, too. He hugged Tess again as she began to cry happy tears, partly because it seemed like the right thing to do and partly so she couldn't see his eyes were getting a little wet, too.

He discreetly blinked back the dampness and cleared his throat of emotional clogs before enthusing, "Now she can get big and play with my baby cousin once they're a little older." Ben grinned, imaging his family and hers at a park together, with the two of them pushing their respective babies on neighboring swings. He was pretty sure he'd told her already that his aunt and uncle were expecting, and he was totally sure they'd be glad to come out to the park with Ben's family and have a little playmate for their baby.

Ben pulled back and grinned at Tess more, "Wow, this is great, Emma's gonna get big and have friends and you'll be a great big sister for her. I am just so happy for your whole family! We should get cake!" Nothing said celebration like cake.

  • Back, and happier than ever!Tess, Thu Dec 29 12:34
    Tess laughed as Ben swung her round, feeling indescribably happy. She’d just known that Ben would be so happy to hear the news: he was a true friend, and he cared about Emma too. His reaction matched ... more
    • Yay! Happiness and joy! — Ben, Thu Jan 12 09:53
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