Yup. I am important. Not small.
Sat Jan 14, 2017 08:11

Sammy did a good Aladren impression. He grinned at her serious analysis of the problem at hand. He gave a light punch on the arm when she called wizards gross.

“Yeah, but we can fly and just zap stuff better. Sucks to be your lot more. One of the Muggle Studies students had a book open about dentistry the other day. Something called braces. Looked like medieval torture implements for your mouth. Definitely glad to be a wizard – and of course, perfect already,” he added, giving her the benefit of his fully aligned, pearly white grin.

“I'm working on why it's unethical to use magic to turn someone into your willing, drooling sex slave, and how much trouble you'd be in if you did. Definitely less interesting than it sounds. Disappointingly few diagrams, and a tendency to focus on the more stabby side of the results. Ever smelt amortentia?” he asked. It didn't cross his mind that that was a rather personal question, given that he doubted he'd get an honest answer. Besides which, he already had a guess... “What's it for you, the fresh muddy scent of a Quidditch pitch, plus the slightest hint of a tastefully chosen aftershave? Perhaps the kind used by the dashing Seeker, whose protection you are charged with?”

  • Is that by Blink 182?Sammy Meeks, Sat Jan 14 02:11
    She found him as she often found him: situated in a spot meant for two, homework splayed, ready and waiting for her to add to the mess. Sammy liked that. She liked being a part of Jamie’s mess; it... more
    • Yup. I am important. Not small. — Jamie, Sat Jan 14 08:11
      • “Those are some nice pearly whites you got there,” Sammy conceded. “But I can fix that pretty easily, and then you can try out some braces for yourself. They’re not that bad, by the way.” Her brother ... more
        • Shut your faceJamie, Sun Jan 22 01:29
          “Your job is to protect my beautiful face! Don’t you dare,” he chastised, when Sammy threatened to make it so he could try braces for himself. “Bull,” he called, when she said they weren’t that bad.... more
          • Make me.Sammy, Sun Jan 22 02:21
            His arms snaked around her waist, and she sat up some, very much still in his lap. “You’d better watch it. I might take you at your word.” His eyebrows raised and he leaned towards her. It was a joke ... more
            • Challenge acceptedJamie, Sat Jan 28 00:01
              Was this for real, or was it some kind of really weird and sexy game of chicken? He decided that was his defence if he actually kissed her and then she slapped him. After all, Jamie never lost a game ... more
              • Challenge succeededSammy, Sun Jan 29 00:29
                “Do that again.” That was all he said, grinning. But he took the matter into his own hands and he kissed her again. Sammy found some sort of stride, moving with him as opposed to just moving. He was... more
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