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Shut your face
Sun Jan 22, 2017 01:29

“Your job is to protect my beautiful face! Don’t you dare,” he chastised, when Sammy threatened to make it so he could try braces for himself. “Bull,” he called, when she said they weren’t that bad. He didn’t even know how they worked but he was pretty sure that having metal glued to your teeth could not be a pleasant experience or enhance your social life.

“Why, what’s a taser?” he asked, when she mentioned they had a way of zapping people. “Is it like a gun?” he asked. It sounded like some kind of weapon, and he knew they were popular, and also kind of ‘zapped’ people. In a very bloody way. He’d played some arcade games involving guns in his pre-Sonora days, when he’d hung out with kids from school, but he wasn’t familiar with these taser things.

He laughed at first, as she started playing along. Maybe she didn’t mean it, but any joke that got Sammy wriggling around in his lap was a win in his book.

“Yeah?” he grinned, putting his arms around her waist. “You better watch it. I might take you at your word,” he threatened, raising his eyebrows, and leaning in, still not sure whether this was a game, whether she was just joking and was going to push him away with an ‘ew, gross!’ if he actually tried to kiss her. At least at this point, he could still claim that he was messing about too.

  • “Those are some nice pearly whites you got there,” Sammy conceded. “But I can fix that pretty easily, and then you can try out some braces for yourself. They’re not that bad, by the way.” Her brother ... more
    • Shut your face — Jamie, Sun Jan 22 01:29
      • Make me.Sammy, Sun Jan 22 02:21
        His arms snaked around her waist, and she sat up some, very much still in his lap. “You’d better watch it. I might take you at your word.” His eyebrows raised and he leaned towards her. It was a joke ... more
        • Challenge acceptedJamie, Sat Jan 28 00:01
          Was this for real, or was it some kind of really weird and sexy game of chicken? He decided that was his defence if he actually kissed her and then she slapped him. After all, Jamie never lost a game ... more
          • Challenge succeededSammy, Sun Jan 29 00:29
            “Do that again.” That was all he said, grinning. But he took the matter into his own hands and he kissed her again. Sammy found some sort of stride, moving with him as opposed to just moving. He was... more
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