Challenge accepted
Sat Jan 28, 2017 00:01

Was this for real, or was it some kind of really weird and sexy game of chicken? He decided that was his defence if he actually kissed her and then she slapped him. After all, Jamie never lost a game or a dare. And she was pretty much daring him to kiss her, the way she was leaning in and wrapping her arms around him and-

He leaned in just as she did, and their lips connected. She was pulling him closer and he did the same, the arm around her waist squeezing her tighter, pulling her weight forward and - oh Merlin, did that feel good. He kissed her greedily - this was literally the best thing ever - but suddenly she was pulling away.

He blinked stupidly as she asked him something, his brain not really operating on the level of words and speaking. He just about registered that it was not telling him to piss off or take his hands off her, and so he didn’t.

“Do that again,” he grinned, conveniently the only string of words that were on his mind answering her question. Without waiting for any kind of reply, he kissed her again, one hand still firmly pressed against her back and the other in her hair, less for the romantic notion of stroking it and more to hold her to him. He kissed her mindlessly, lost in the absolute pleasure of there being a hot girl wriggling around in his lap, with her lips pressed on his. Eventually he realised he wasn’t really breathing and surfaced again for air.

“You’re really hot,” he grinned, arms still around her waist, planting a few kisses on her neck, “Beater babe,” he murmured, preparing to pull her in for another kiss. The common room had melted away and, had he remembered that they were doing this all pretty publically, he probably wouldn’t have cared. It was pretty cool that a girl like Sammy was giving him make out time. Perhaps if he started trying to remove bits of her clothing it would become a bad idea, but for now he was just lost in the idea of snogging her. “I like it when you wriggle,” he grinned, between kisses.

  • Make me.Sammy, Sun Jan 22 02:21
    His arms snaked around her waist, and she sat up some, very much still in his lap. “You’d better watch it. I might take you at your word.” His eyebrows raised and he leaned towards her. It was a joke ... more
    • Challenge accepted — Jamie, Sat Jan 28 00:01
      • Challenge succeededSammy, Sun Jan 29 00:29
        “Do that again.” That was all he said, grinning. But he took the matter into his own hands and he kissed her again. Sammy found some sort of stride, moving with him as opposed to just moving. He was... more
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