Assistant Capt. Sammy Meeks
Quidditch signups!
Sun Mar 26, 2017 14:36

Sammy had volunteered to post Quidditch signups this year, if not only for the love of the game but for the love of getting stuff done, especially in rough times. It was hard, being in Pecari without two of her favorite Housemates, but being around other people was weird too, so Sammy alternated between hiding in her room and loitering in the Cascade Hall. On one hand, she could people watch, but on the other, she never saw what she wanted to see.

She’d settled on her Gia-less dorm room to make the signup sheet. “PECARIS!” was bold, gold lettering at the top of the sheet, followed by the usual sort of message:

"Sign up today to join the Quidditch team. All years are welcome in this pursuit of glory as we attempt to reclaim what’s ours: the championship! Tryouts will be held at noon on the Pitch on Saturday. Please sign your name, year, and preferred position below."

The gold was nice, she thought, but Sammy decided that she wanted it to flash between the gold and a nice brown to highlight both of the House’s colors. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember what spell people used for these things (something she’d have to work out before she was Captain next year), but as she trotted down to the Common Room to post her bulletin, she bumped into Isis and recruited her assistance.

After thanking her Head of House, she hung up the product of their hard work. Then she penned her name at the bottom, knowing she very well could have done it before hanging the list but finding the satisfaction of joining to be greater with the traditional form of sign up.

Sammy Meeks, sixth year, Beater.

Time to rock and roll.

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