Ben Pierce
Your Junior Beater Returns!
Sun Mar 26, 2017 19:19

Ben had faithfully checked the bulletin board for the Quidditch Sign-Ups every time he passed it since he got off his wagon. He gave a little whoop this time, seeing it was now up. There was no hesitation in going for his pen (he used pens any time actual quills were not required because they were just plain easier to deal with) and adding his name beneath Sammy's.

Ben Pierce, 4th year, Beater

Having been the junior beater last year, he felt no obligation to offer his services as a potential Chaser this year, as Beater was the position he both preferred and was better at. He was sure if Joella asked him to play Chaser again, he'd do it, trusting her judgement that he was the best choice to move back to Chasing if Pecari was seriously short on that position, but he saw no reason to appear undecided when he had a clear preference. Neither Joella nor Sammy struck him as the type to feel shy about asking if they needed him somewhere else, if it was for the good of the team, so it wasn't like he was being selfishly inflexible or anything.

He took a moment to double check that he hadn't accidentally put an outdated year number (nope, he'd correctly graduated himself up to the exact middle of Sonora's grade levels) or misspelled anything, but his entry looked good, so he headed on out with an extra bounce to his step. He was looking forward to the coming year and doing exactly what the sign-up sheet promised: reclaiming the Championship.

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    • Your Junior Beater Returns! — Ben Pierce, Sun Mar 26 19:19
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