Captain Joella Curtis
This is our time.
Mon Mar 27, 2017 03:52

Joella was entering her final year of Sonora and she wanted to go out with a bang. Would she be remembered after she was gone? She was captain of the Pecari team which put her name somewhere but she wanted a win to her name.

And it wasn’t just about her but also about her team and the way that a shared love for Quidditch had brought together such a variety of people. She had enjoyed training with these people and playing alongside them, winning or losing. It would be hard to say goodbye to the life she had made for herself at Sonora over the past six years.

But before she had to think about that, she still had another year of hard Quidditch playing ahead of her. How she performed this term was going to determine her future. As daunting as that seemed, Joella felt so excited.

She allocated the job of sign-ups to Sammy this year. She knew she’d been rather tough on her last year due to her initial reluctance to give her the assistant captain title and rather unfair with her expectations, especially since she had not shared as much responsibility with her as she would have. Maybe that had been her own selfishness as Joella had worked hard for the team for years and felt she really deserved the captaincy and all the responsibility that came with it. But the assistant captain existed for a reason and she knew she was supposed to utilise that a whole lot more than she had.

The seventh year now accepted that Sammy was going to run the team when she left so she would be doing a disservice to Pecari if she didn’t make sure her friend was fully prepared for that. She needed to start involving her in decisions more as well, rather than just explaining why she had chosen to do certain things.

Captain Joella Curtis, 7th year, Chaser

Joella wrote on the sign-up sheet after smiling at the good job Sammy had done with it. ”Reclaim what’s ours” - she liked the sound of that.

Jamie’s graduation was a big concern of hers as that left Pecari to find a new inexperienced Seeker who would have to up against Alistair, a Seeker with the potential to go professional. So on paper Pecari didn’t stand a chance, although Joella had a little faith in things not always going the way you would expect them to. Quidditch wasn’t all that predictable, she had come to understand during her time at Sonora, and perhaps this time that could work in her favour.

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    • This is our time. — Captain Joella Curtis, Mon Mar 27 03:52
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