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Madison Leifsson
Joining In
Mon Apr 3, 2017 20:31

Before coming to Sonora, Madison had played soccer. She loved soccer. She had been on a team with her sister, Alex, who was the star of the team. She couldnít help being a little jealous of the attention that Alex received from it. But it made her play better too. She was highly competitive and always wanted to win. When she played on a team with Alex, they were nearly unstoppable, but during practices, she just could never seem to get the ball past her sister.

So, when Alex had said she would be trying to for her Houseís Quidditch team, Madison knew that she had to try out for Quidditch too. This was her chance to outshine her sister. For once, she was going to be better in a sport than Alex. She just had to be. Otherwise, it would just be one more thing that Alex was better at than her. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a black pen. She wished that she had a color that matched the coolness of the sign, but alas, she didnít and had to add her name in a boring color.

Madison Leifsson, 1st Year, Any

She just hoped that her willingness to play any position would help her get to actually play. She was after all a first year among people that had probably been playing for years. Of course, she still had to get through the tryouts.

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    • Joining In — Madison Leifsson, Mon Apr 3 20:31
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