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Tess Whittaker
Wed Jun 7, 2017 11:44

Tess groaned as she flopped back on the sofa she was sitting on. She’d set herself the task of sitting down and homeworking for a couple of hours straight and, one hour in, she was starting to believe it was impossible. She was a reasonably academic student, but homework could be so boring.

It was evening, and Tess was in the Pecari common room, curled up on a sofa. She was wearing a fitted tshirt, little pyjama shorts, and had kicked her shoes off. After all, you had to be comfy if you were going to suffer homework. She had previously tied her hair back in a ponytail, to aid concentration, but she now reached back and freed it, giving up the idea of working as she did so. She’d got through a fair amount, and there was still time before the rest of the work was due.

However, that left her with the rest of the evening free, which meant finding something to do or, preferably, someone to spend time with. Tess liked socialising, and nothing was better than spending an evening with her friends, or her… her Ben. She supposed he fit under the category of friends, really, as much as she wanted to move him into a different category. He’d been spending more time with her this year, but Tess wasn’t totally sure if he was into her the way she was into him. What had started out as a slight crush had become full-blown now, and she’d pretty much decided that she’d have to take matters into her own hands soon. She’d never been the shy or retiring type, and had no concerns about being the one to make the first move, even though part of her did quite like the idea of him doing so.

One of the problems of being the only Pecari girl in her year was that she didn’t share a common room with any of her girlfriends. It was something they generally managed to get around, hanging out in the MARS room and elsewhere, although it was on nights like this that it became especially annoying. She didn’t really have the inclination to move off the sofa, let alone search the grounds for her friends.

Luckily for her, she caught sight of Ben then. “Oi Ben, over here!” she called out to him, not moving from her slumped position but waving an arm wildly to attract his attention. “Come and save me from my homework!”

    • Ben was reasonably sure that Raine wasn't trying to be alluring. She'd dressed with more coverage after that first practice, when he was sure Kyte hadn't warned her about Ben's presence there, but... more
      • Tess grinned at Ben as he walked over, glad that he’d appeared just when she wanted him to. Who needed telepathy? However, something seemed a bit off with him, and Tess was just about to ask if he... more
        • Not even a little bit joking Ben Pierce, Wed Jun 14 11:39
          Marriage, what? Ben looked at Tess in utter confusion as she answered his question. He was starting to pick up on the idea that his subconscious may have skipped ahead a few chapters in its muddled... more
          • That suits me!Tess, Thu Jul 6 11:14
            Tess was a little concerned by the way Ben was looking at her initially, with confusion and a reddening face, but luckily he did seem to have meant to show interest in her. She breathed a sigh of... more
            • Great, so we're dating now. Cool.Ben, Thu Jul 27 19:48
              "Not yet," Ben assured her with a grin, when Tess jokingly asked if he was proposing again. "I think graduation is probably a good first step," he admitted, informing his ape-brain of this at least... more
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