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Here's hoping you weren't entirely joking!
Sun Jun 11, 2017 13:05

Tess grinned at Ben as he walked over, glad that he’d appeared just when she wanted him to. Who needed telepathy? However, something seemed a bit off with him, and Tess was just about to ask if he was okay when Ben spoke first. And wait, what?!

Okay. Tess was a young teenage girl and, like many teenage girls, she had of course spared a thought or two for the future. She’d discussed her crush with her friends, wondered if she and Ben had the potential to be a couple that lasted, at least beyond Sonora if not forever, and she might even have considered whether or not she liked the sound of Tess Pierce (not that she’d ever admit to that one). But this question was far from what she’d expected to happen when she’d given up on homework for the evening. Ben was a boy, and Tess was fairly sure boys didn’t think like that, at least not when they were only in fourth year and hadn’t even kissed. So what on earth was Ben doing?

Nevertheless, the question did give Tess the opening she’d been looking for. It also suggested that her feelings weren’t exactly one-sided so, after she’d taken a few seconds to get over the shock, Tess took control of the situation.

“Well, I’m not sure that marrying you is really possible right now,” she pointed out, taking his arm and trying to manoeuvre him into a sitting position. He seemed like he could probably do with sitting down, and besides, then he’d be next to her on the sofa, which would give…potential. Assuming, of course, that Ben’s brain hadn’t completely malfunctioned, and he was on board with the idea of kissing.

“Maybe we should try dating first?” Tess suggested, gathering up her courage and getting the words out there. Maybe he’d shoot her down, but it had been said, and there was something strangely exhilarating about that. Besides, he was the one that had suggested marriage, so he couldn’t object to dating her, right?

  • Ben was reasonably sure that Raine wasn't trying to be alluring. She'd dressed with more coverage after that first practice, when he was sure Kyte hadn't warned her about Ben's presence there, but... more
    • Here's hoping you weren't entirely joking! — Tess, Sun Jun 11 13:05
      • Not even a little bit joking Ben Pierce, Wed Jun 14 11:39
        Marriage, what? Ben looked at Tess in utter confusion as she answered his question. He was starting to pick up on the idea that his subconscious may have skipped ahead a few chapters in its muddled... more
        • That suits me!Tess, Thu Jul 6 11:14
          Tess was a little concerned by the way Ben was looking at her initially, with confusion and a reddening face, but luckily he did seem to have meant to show interest in her. She breathed a sigh of... more
          • Great, so we're dating now. Cool.Ben, Thu Jul 27 19:48
            "Not yet," Ben assured her with a grin, when Tess jokingly asked if he was proposing again. "I think graduation is probably a good first step," he admitted, informing his ape-brain of this at least... more
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