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Ben Pierce
Not even a little bit joking
Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:39

Marriage, what? Ben looked at Tess in utter confusion as she answered his question. He was starting to pick up on the idea that his subconscious may have skipped ahead a few chapters in its muddled eagerness to find a girl willing to do some of the things his dreams were exploring lately. And as some of those things where activities his parents insisted were best saved to be shared between husband and wife . . .

He guessed his tongue must have tried to jump over the middle steps.

He flushed red.

"Er, yeah," he agreed when she suggested they try dating instead. "That's what I meant." He supposed he should offer some kind of explanation as to how a person confuses asking a girl out with an apparent marriage proposal, but he really wasn't sure he wanted to admit to the kind of leap his brain had taken there.

"Did I really ask..." then he shook his head because it was pretty obvious from her answer that he must have. "I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to my brain just now." He had a few solid guesses, starting with Raine's amazing flexibility and ending with Tess's pyjamas, but there could be other reasons it came out that way. "But yes!" he was still flushed but the grin he put on was bright and joyous and genuine. "We're dating! That's awesome! Word of warning though," he added, adding a teasing quality to his grin, "Both my dad and my uncle ended up married to their magic school best-friends-turned-sweethearts. It's a family tradition I'm not against continuing." Attempting 'flirting' now, he finished, "Especially now that I can see your preference in nightwear. I love the shorts."

  • Tess grinned at Ben as he walked over, glad that hed appeared just when she wanted him to. Who needed telepathy? However, something seemed a bit off with him, and Tess was just about to ask if he... more
    • Not even a little bit joking — Ben Pierce, Wed Jun 14 11:39
      • That suits me!Tess, Thu Jul 6 11:14
        Tess was a little concerned by the way Ben was looking at her initially, with confusion and a reddening face, but luckily he did seem to have meant to show interest in her. She breathed a sigh of... more
        • Great, so we're dating now. Cool.Ben, Thu Jul 27 19:48
          "Not yet," Ben assured her with a grin, when Tess jokingly asked if he was proposing again. "I think graduation is probably a good first step," he admitted, informing his ape-brain of this at least... more
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