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That suits me!
Thu Jul 6, 2017 11:14

Tess was a little concerned by the way Ben was looking at her initially, with confusion and a reddening face, but luckily he did seem to have meant to show interest in her. She breathed a sigh of relief when he agreed to dating, even if he wasn’t as enthusiastic in saying yes as he could have been.

Still, it became clear to Tess that he’d meant to ask her out instead of proposing, and she laughed at him as he apologised for his crazy brain. She didn’t mind the situation – the talk of marriage hadn’t really fazed her, and it had given her the chance to ask him out. She was quite proud of the fact that she had, technically, been the one to do so. She’d have to make sure to include that detail when she replayed the conversation to her friends later!

Ben then did become more enthusiastic, which was definitely appreciated by Tess, who was by now wearing a big smile that wasn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. She went a little red as he commented on her pyjamas, not having thought about it when putting them on, but now glad that she had chosen the cute little shorts.

“Are you proposing to me again?” she joked, as Ben started talking about marriage again. This was going even better than she’d hoped, as Ben made it clear that this was potentially a long-term thing. Not that she thought he wouldn’t be serious about them, but she had friends back home whose relationships had only lasted a matter of weeks. She definitely wanted something far longer than that, especially as she would hate for anything to happen to their friendship as a result of the relationship not lasting. But it seemed she had no reason to be worried about that.

“So now that we’re dating, what next?” she asked, moving a little closer to him and wondering how exactly one initiated kissing without it being a bit awkward the first time.

  • Not even a little bit joking Ben Pierce, Wed Jun 14 11:39
    Marriage, what? Ben looked at Tess in utter confusion as she answered his question. He was starting to pick up on the idea that his subconscious may have skipped ahead a few chapters in its muddled... more
    • That suits me! — Tess, Thu Jul 6 11:14
      • Great, so we're dating now. Cool.Ben, Thu Jul 27 19:48
        "Not yet," Ben assured her with a grin, when Tess jokingly asked if he was proposing again. "I think graduation is probably a good first step," he admitted, informing his ape-brain of this at least... more
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