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Great, so we're dating now. Cool.
Thu Jul 27, 2017 19:48

"Not yet," Ben assured her with a grin, when Tess jokingly asked if he was proposing again. "I think graduation is probably a good first step," he admitted, informing his ape-brain of this at least as much as Tess. "But don't be too surprised if the question pops up again after that."

"In the meantime," he redirected in a much less serious tone of voice and a happy smile, "I think I'll start calling you the Terrific Tess." He plopped down next on the couch beside her, closer than he would have before this strange but wonderful conversation, did the stretch thing he'd seen on TV and lowered his arm down behind her, not quite touching, but near enough that if she snuggled in a bit closer, it would naturally fall around her. "Do you have any objection to that?" he asked, mostly about the name, but also about the arm.

He was almost 90% sure Dad had called Mom 'The Great Gabriella' at least once in Tess's hearing last summer, so she would probably get the reference, but if not, Tess was still really terrific in her own right.

He also thought kissing would be a great move now that they were dating, too, but he wasn't sure how to broach that topic without sounding like, well, a hormonal teenage boy, which, admittedly, he was pretty sure he was.

  • That suits me!Tess, Thu Jul 6 11:14
    Tess was a little concerned by the way Ben was looking at her initially, with confusion and a reddening face, but luckily he did seem to have meant to show interest in her. She breathed a sigh of... more
    • Great, so we're dating now. Cool. — Ben, Thu Jul 27 19:48
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