Prof. Isis Carter
Welcome, firsties! [HoH speech]
Sat Aug 26, 2017 16:53

Isis was surprised by the small group this year, just a couple new Pecaris compared to last term having the biggest bunch. She stood from the staff table, saying her temporary goodbyes, and called, “Hey, first year Pecaris!” to gather her newest boars, her voice loud enough not to require the Sonorus charm to be heard over the crowd. Her height allowed her to be seen fairly well, too, and she was pretty distinct among the other adults of the school. Isis was a slender African American woman of thirty years now. She imagined it would not be hard to spot her here.

“Welcome to Sonora,” she smiled when her first years had assembled. “I’m Professor Isis Carter, and I’m your Head of House. I’m also the substitute around here, so I fill in whenever any of your other professors can’t make a lesson. I’m also currently teaching the elective Muggle Studies while we try to fill the position.” She smiled, hoping to see the kids sign up when they reached their Intermediate years. “Anyway, if you’ll follow me, please, we’ll be on our way to your new home.”

From the Cascade Hall, Isis led the first years into the Labyrinth Gardens. She wondered idly if they had passed by the entrance to their Common Room earlier, during their tour, before they even knew about it. Hopefully, if they had, the memory of the happenstance would help them remember the location. “Stick to me,” she said back to them. “And keep in mind that even if the Gardens seem a bit spooky at night, they are perfectly safe. Not to mention, you don’t have to go too far.”

She stopped semi-abruptly beside a suit of armor. Gesturing toward it, she smiled. “This is the entrance to Pecari Common Room. Please keep in mind that its location is supposed to be kept secret from those who aren’t in your House, so don’t spread it around. If you happen to forget where it is or how to get into it, just find me or one of your Housemates, and we’ll help you get back in. This week, the password is Pixie pastries.”

Immediately, the suit of armor sprang to life and leaped out of the way, revealing the path inside. As she had with the class before, she offered a merry, “After you,” to the student nearest her and let them enter in front of her. It was a good way to keep track of them, but it was unfortunate that she therefore couldn’t see their reactions to their new home. Pecari Common Room was tailored to its students. It was a warm place in both temperature and aesthetics, with plenty of comfortable seating, oak tables, and brown and gold decor strewn about. Physical heat was provided by the burning fire, set earlier by a prairie elf. “Welcome home,” Isis said with soft enthusiasm.

“That way,” she continued a moment later, her voice returning to more of a tour guide style, “is the bulletin board. Be sure to check it often, because it will have the new password each week, as well as any announcements, like Quidditch. If you’re interested in that, Sammy Meeks is the Captain of the team, so she or her Assistant Captain will be putting up a signup sheet soon.” Isis had never been fond of the sport (there were two players whose literal jobs were to hurt people, how was that safe for kids?), but for whatever reason, it was popular among witches and wizards.

“Sammy is also Head Girl, and your prefects are Chuck Fintoc, Ingrid Wolseithecrafte, and Theresa Whittaker. If you need anything at all, you can go to them or the Head Boy, Owen Brockert, who is in Teppenpaw. And my office is right over there,” she added with a gesture in that direction, “if you need me. I’ll have a schedule of office hours posted on the door, but if you’re in trouble, I can always be found.”

Isis led the first years across the Common Room to the two identical stairways. “This way leads to the girls’ dormitories, and this way leads to the boys’. If you go down the wrong way, you’ll be re-deposited back out here in the Common Room. Curfew is ten o’clock PM; it’s up to you to go to sleep on time, but you have to be back to Pecari Commons before then. Otherwise, you will be locked out and will have to come to me to get back in.” She had no intention on being too terribly strict with that, just as she wasn’t with timeliness for class, but it was good to at least try to set the boundary. “Does anyone have any questions? If not, you’re free to go explore your new home.”

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