Sammy Meeks
And a chat with Ingrid!
Sat Aug 26, 2017 17:08

“Knock, knock,” said Sammy, coming around the corner. Ingrid’s door wasn’t shut all the way, so she slowly pushed it open and stood in the edge of the doorway. “Hope you aren’t too busy. Or too tired. But I wanted to talk to you. It’s about Quidditch.”

She had gotten a letter from Professor Skies recommending Ingrid for her Assistant Captain for the Quidditch season. This wasn’t a surprise, since Ingrid was the next oldest on the team, had been playing. like. forever, and worked hard. She honestly deserved it. Admittedly, Sammy kinda wanted to pick Ben Pierce since they were friends and worked so well in tandem, but playing favorites with her teammates wasn’t very fair to anybody. Ingrid deserved it and was next, so Ingrid it was.

“Assuming we get to have a season this year,” Sammy began, a little bit bitterly. Scrimmages were fine and better than nothing, but she really wanted to have a regular season for her last year. She wanted to take this team to the championship and to victory, to go out in a blaze of glory. “Do you wanna be my Assistant Captain?” She couldn’t imagine someone as dedicated as Ingrid saying no, but it was better to ask and confirm than to just assume and then, like, for whatever reason find out Ingrid didn’t want it or wasn’t going to play at all. Also, it was simply good etiquette and sportsmanship.

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    • And a chat with Ingrid! — Sammy Meeks, Sat Aug 26 17:08
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