Ben Pierce
Geez, Sammy, you're getting old
Sun Aug 27, 2017 13:44

Ben watched the Pecari bulletin board eagerly for the Quidditch Sign-Up Sheet. It didn't take long for Sammy to get it up, so he grinned cheerfully when he spotted it and hurried to add his name to the list.

Ben Pierce, 5th Year, Beater

He stood back, double checked that he'd gotten his year correct (writing '4th year' was still a habit he was in the process of breaking) then noticed the year next to Sammy's. Whoa. She was a seventh year now. Well, obviously, she was a seventh year, he chided himself, she got Head Girl this year. But somehow it was different, seeing it in writing. He felt a momentary pang of loss, knowing that this time next year, his Senior Beater Partner would no longer be in the school.

Then he reminded himself that he had a whole school year ahead of him to practice with her, and there would be plenty of time to worry about her leaving once it was closer to when that was actually going to happen. He pushed away the melancholy feeling and forced back an optimistic cheer that maybe this year they’d be able to have a full season of Quidditch again.

  • Quidditch sign ups!!!!!!!!!Cap'n Sammy Meeks, Sat Aug 26 17:17
    As much as Sammy was sure to miss Joella’s leadership and friendship, she was extremely proud and excited to wear the badge of the Quidditch Captain on her robes. It shined more brightly than the... more
    • In, and tagging potential recruits Ingrid Wolseithcrafte , Tue Sep 5 04:59
      It was hard to miss Sammy's notice, which Ingrid felt meant it was doing its job. She didn't understand all the comparisons their captain was making but it seemed to have already drawn in one first... more
      • Being tagged.Tatiana Vorontsova, Tue Sep 5 19:06
        She knew she was supposed to feel at home in the Pecari common room, but Tatiana could not quite make herself feel that way about the place. It was comfortable enough, she supposed, but it did not... more
        • Guess that makes you itIngrid, Wed Sep 6 09:26
          She'd drawn in the girl. And, more interestingly, she had said yes. Well, she had said 'yes,' to thinking about it, but it was surely just a few short steps from there to putting her name down. The... more
          • Yes, but what is 'it'?Tatiana, Wed Sep 6 14:44
            Cap-tan. That was it. Tatiana knew that word but hadn’t been able to think of it in a timely manner. She nodded to let Assistant Captain know she understood and would try to remember the right word... more
            • Tatyana Somethingy Somethingova. Ingrid seriously hoped the girl didn't mind first name basis, or that she wrote that exceedingly long collection of very foreign-sounding syllables onto the sign up... more
              • Yes, one of those could work.Tatiana, Fri Sep 15 13:06
                Tatiana blinked when Ingrid mentioned the village, then smiled in delight. “Yes, yes,” she said excitedly, putting her hands together and beaming at the older girl. “We say – Volshebnaya Derevnya.... more
                • GoodIngrid, Sun Sep 24 02:42
                  "We learned about it I'm geography lessons growing up. I always thought it sounded interesting. I'd really like to travel more after I graduate," she explained when Tatiana asked whether she knew the ... more
                  • I agree.Tatiana, Mon Sep 25 10:17
                    It struck Tatiana as slightly strange to consider her village as part of someone’s geography lesson. Of course, it was a notable location, with what she had been taught was an unusually high... more
    • Always in!Lily Spencer, Wed Aug 30 20:30
      Upon hearing the news of her brother's appointment, she had congratulated him heartily, then followed with a half-joking threat to beat his team to the ground. They didn't play the same position,... more
    • Not sure what the positions are but...Parker Fitzgerald, Mon Aug 28 09:53
      Parker walked into the commons still unsure of where he was going, or really what was expected of him. It seemed that everyone knew what was expected of them, even if they were first years. This... more
    • Geez, Sammy, you're getting old — Ben Pierce, Sun Aug 27 13:44
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