Parker Fitzgerald
A million questions, but one to start
Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:13

Parker followed Isis out of the hall. She was very distinctive when it came to the adults in the school, and was pleased to learn that she seemed to teach a bit of everything, though the fact that there was a Muggle Studies teacher intrigued him. Did the wizards not know anything about the world? Tatiana's response seemed to indicate that, but it still amazed him

As they left he kept looking down hallways excited by the possibilities to explore, and when they walked outside into the garden they had walked through he was excited. This house seemed like it was going to be perfect.

He walked into the room and was amazed. This place was beautiful, and though he loved spending time outside, Parker knew he could deal with being here for at least a few hours.

As Professor Isis finished up she aid do you have any questions. Parker thought that he had millions of them, but he knew that as he interacted with people some answers would come to him. There was one though that he was interested in as he fingered the leaves in his pocket.

"I have a question professor," Parker said. "Can we have plants and animals in our rooms?"
Parker loved both and knew that he might need some of them if they were magical, just so he could really understand them.

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    • A million questions, but one to start — Parker Fitzgerald, Mon Aug 28 10:13
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