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A chance to talk to other humans
Sat Sep 2, 2017 08:55

Ingrid stretched out on her bed. With the help of magic, unpacking was quite the quick and simple task, and a few waves of her wand had set everything in place. With a room to herself, she used the whole of the wall opposite her bed to pin up photographs, which comprised mostly family shots, especially those taken around their summer residence in the lakes. The Wolseithcraftes in the pictures smiled and splashed and hiked up mountains. She liked these much better than the stiff family portraits, although she did have one of those of her and Jemima, because it was quite a nice photo of both of them. Apart from that, there were a few posters of Quidditch players she liked, and her favourite team, plus her own team at Sonora, with whole team photos copied from the yearbook. There weren't many friend pictures because, outside the team, she didn't have many. She was sad to see the seventh years - well, the previous seventh years, she supposed - go. Obviously there was Joella, but she liked Diana too.

"Well, we need to focus this year anyway, I guess..." she sighed, picking up her train of thought out loud for the benefit of her cat, Mischief, who was stretching herself out on the bed after the long wagon ride. "Advanced classes are probably going to be tough," she added, reaching out to pet the slender black and white animal.

She didn't get much further before there was a call of 'knock knock.' Mischief, who had always been spectacularly bad at making any attempt to live up to her name, startled at the sound, although she was less skittish than she had been as a kitten and at least stayed on the bed as their visitor entered, which Ingrid appreciated, lest Sammy wondered why she'd been hearing Ingrid talking moments before. It was, she reflected, a clear sign of the mental degradation that years of isolation had wrought upon her that she felt that talking to her cat about how "their" classes would be was likely to be deemed reasonable behaviour.

"It's Sammy. You know Sammy," she reassured the cat with a scratch of the ears, and a roll of her eyes.

"No, just hanging out with my roommate," she grinned when Sammy asked if she was busy. She sat up straight though when Sammy said she'd come about Quidditch, tingling with excitement. There was a certain important question that most girls hoped to be asked at some point in their lives - indeed, lots of society girls her age were probably waiting for it. And your past relationship with the person doing the asking sort of meant that you knew it was coming but it didn't mean you were any less excited when it seemed the actual moment was there. Ingrid was the same as any other Pureblood girl in those respects. It was just that the question she was waiting for was slightly different...

"Do you wanna be my assistant captain?"

"Of course I do!" she beamed ecstatically. "Want to talk about try outs and plans and.. everything?" she offered, scooping Mischief into her lap to make room on the bed for Sammy.

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    “Knock, knock,” said Sammy, coming around the corner. Ingrid’s door wasn’t shut all the way, so she slowly pushed it open and stood in the edge of the doorway. “Hope you aren’t too busy. Or too... more
    • A chance to talk to other humans — Ingrid, Sat Sep 2 08:55
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