Guess that makes you it
Wed Sep 6, 2017 09:26

She'd drawn in the girl. And, more interestingly, she had said yes. Well, she had said 'yes,' to thinking about it, but it was surely just a few short steps from there to putting her name down.

The girl also wanted to know whether Ingrid was the 'directorista,' which sounded... Spanish, maybe, to her ears, although the girl's accent was distinctly Not Spanish. The meaning was clear enough, even if the word was wrong - although she liked the sound of 'directorista.'

"No. I'm the assistant 'directorista.' We say 'captain,' and 'assistant captain,'" she explained, automatically making her voice slower and a little louder, although not so much as to be caricatured or patronising.

A quick visual sweep of the girl's jewellery, alongside her status-driven question, made Ingrid suspect she was talking to someone from a well-to-do family. At least, assuming the gems were real. Ingrid’s only real means of telling good jewellery from bad was whether or not it was in one of the stores they shopped in or not.

"I'm Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, of the Wolseithcrafte family in Chicago," she added, giving a small curtsey-like bob. Presumably, given that they were sending her to an American school, the girl would have been taught how society introduced itself here, and might even have told her which families to befriend. Whether the Wolseithcraftes featured on that list was another question. They weren't one of the biggest families, and we're not prominent in the traditional sense. However, they did have a habit of making themselves known about - whether for the right reasons or the wrong ones depended, as is so often the case with such things, on who you asked. Her parents were very prominent in Chicago politics, with a strong leaning towards most conservative Pureblood policies, but had not got swept up in the mild hysteria of the previous generation over girls playing Quidditch. Given that this girl was clearly foreign, perhaps all that silliness had passed her by. If not, and her parents had come down on the side of Quidditch, there was a chance they would know of Ingrid’s family from that. Even if the politics of Quidditch was a non-issue to her, knowing that someone from The Right Sort Of Family played was usually a good incentive for other Purebloods, as it provided that much valued 'connection,' which was what school was all about.

"Do you have an interest in a particular position? Do you know their names in English?" she asked.

  • Being tagged.Tatiana Vorontsova, Tue Sep 5 19:06
    She knew she was supposed to feel at home in the Pecari common room, but Tatiana could not quite make herself feel that way about the place. It was comfortable enough, she supposed, but it did not... more
    • Guess that makes you it — Ingrid, Wed Sep 6 09:26
      • Yes, but what is 'it'?Tatiana, Wed Sep 6 14:44
        Cap-tan. That was it. Tatiana knew that word but hadn’t been able to think of it in a timely manner. She nodded to let Assistant Captain know she understood and would try to remember the right word... more
        • Tatyana Somethingy Somethingova. Ingrid seriously hoped the girl didn't mind first name basis, or that she wrote that exceedingly long collection of very foreign-sounding syllables onto the sign up... more
          • Yes, one of those could work.Tatiana, Fri Sep 15 13:06
            Tatiana blinked when Ingrid mentioned the village, then smiled in delight. “Yes, yes,” she said excitedly, putting her hands together and beaming at the older girl. “We say – Volshebnaya Derevnya.... more
            • GoodIngrid, Sun Sep 24 02:42
              "We learned about it I'm geography lessons growing up. I always thought it sounded interesting. I'd really like to travel more after I graduate," she explained when Tatiana asked whether she knew the ... more
              • I agree.Tatiana, Mon Sep 25 10:17
                It struck Tatiana as slightly strange to consider her village as part of someone’s geography lesson. Of course, it was a notable location, with what she had been taught was an unusually high... more
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