Looks like Chaser or Keeper could be good options?
Fri Sep 15, 2017 00:15

Tatyana Somethingy Somethingova. Ingrid seriously hoped the girl didn't mind first name basis, or that she wrote that exceedingly long collection of very foreign-sounding syllables onto the sign up sheet so that Ingrid could study it before the need to address her by name came up again. She added where she was from, but not that she was of that place, which was usually an important distinction. However, between the different language and presumably different customs, Ingrid wasn't willing to count that too strongly against the idea of the other girl being Pureblood. The jewellery still spoke for itself, and the knowledge of Quidditch said that she came from a magical family of some kind.

"Alaska? Are you from the Wizard Village there?" she asked. She forgot the local name for it, but she certainly knew of it from her geography lessons. Whilst Ingrid wasn't always the most serious student of dry and factual subjects, geography had always appealed to her, fuelling her imagination of places she would one day explore. The Wizard Village, trapped in near perpetual snow and ice (at least, in her imagination) had sounded like a great place to go on an adventure, and she and Jemima had played out several dramatic polar expeditions to the town in their youth.

"We don't play full games at home either," she nodded, when Tatyana talked about her family. "I have two brothers and two sisters, but one of my sisters doesn't like playing much. In some ways it helps, because having an odd number of people isn't very useful - we can just play two against two then, and throw the ball around."

Tatyana's explanations were clear, even if she lacked the vocabulary for the positions - which was lucky, as 'Hunter' was a much closer linguistic match to 'Seeker,' without the context given. Calling the Beaters 'Hunters' made it sound so much more predatory...

"Chasers play with the big ball - the Quaffle. Seekers look for the small ball - the Snitch. 'Seek' is a kind of old-fashioned word for searching or looking," she explained, "We call Hunters 'Beaters.' 'Beat' means 'to hit.' We already have a Seeker, but we need a new Chaser. Oh, and a Keeper," she added. She almost forgot about Keeper sometimes, because it was - in her opinion - so boring. "Keeper is the one who stops the big ball. Well, tries to."

  • Yes, but what is 'it'?Tatiana, Wed Sep 6 14:44
    Cap-tan. That was it. Tatiana knew that word but hadn’t been able to think of it in a timely manner. She nodded to let Assistant Captain know she understood and would try to remember the right word... more
    • Looks like Chaser or Keeper could be good options? — Ingrid, Fri Sep 15 00:15
      • Yes, one of those could work.Tatiana, Fri Sep 15 13:06
        Tatiana blinked when Ingrid mentioned the village, then smiled in delight. “Yes, yes,” she said excitedly, putting her hands together and beaming at the older girl. “We say – Volshebnaya Derevnya.... more
        • GoodIngrid, Sun Sep 24 02:42
          "We learned about it I'm geography lessons growing up. I always thought it sounded interesting. I'd really like to travel more after I graduate," she explained when Tatiana asked whether she knew the ... more
          • I agree.Tatiana, Mon Sep 25 10:17
            It struck Tatiana as slightly strange to consider her village as part of someone’s geography lesson. Of course, it was a notable location, with what she had been taught was an unusually high... more
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