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Sun Sep 24, 2017 02:42

"We learned about it I'm geography lessons growing up. I always thought it sounded interesting. I'd really like to travel more after I graduate," she explained when Tatiana asked whether she knew the village. "What's it like there?" she asked.

"Sometimes," she nodded when Tatiana suggested that siblings were good. She tried to think of a way to explain simply. She held her hand out sideways. "This is me," she said, wiggling the little finger. "Favourite sister," she wiggled her ring finger, "Favourite brother," she wiggled the thumb. "We play as a team," she indicated her little finger and her thumb. "These two..." she wiggled her middle and index fingers. "The other team. I like them less," she explained, although she said it all with a smile. Francesca and Theodore could be pretty annoying but she loved them really. And it was definitely getting better the older they all got.

It took her a minute to work out what Tatiana meant about the medic, especially as she then rationalised her mishearing.

"They're different words. Seek, and sick," she added, trying to emphasise the difference. "Seek... Same sound as 'see,'" she added. "But 'sick'..." she couldn't think of a good comparison, as 'si' wasn't a word, "Like sit?" she could kind of hear how they sounded similar and having a sound on the end of the word seemed to make the difference less clear. "One is 'ee' in the middle, one is 'i,'" she added, making the sounds rather than naming the letters in the spelling.

"It's ok," she nodded, when Tatiana asked her about the words she'd written. She had asked whether they were right enough, which sounded like she was satisfied so long as they could be understood, even if they weren't right. Ingrid hesitated. She came from a family of people who liked things to be just right, and thought pointing out errors was doing someone a favour, so long as it was done nicely. But she'd already corrected Tatiana once in the last five minutes and didn't want to overload or embarrass her. "I'd know what positions you mean," she confirmed, hoping that Tatiana could infer from that that she had spelt intelligibly if not correctly, and that if she wanted further help she would ask for it.

  • Yes, one of those could work.Tatiana, Fri Sep 15 13:06
    Tatiana blinked when Ingrid mentioned the village, then smiled in delight. “Yes, yes,” she said excitedly, putting her hands together and beaming at the older girl. “We say – Volshebnaya Derevnya.... more
    • Good — Ingrid, Sun Sep 24 02:42
      • I agree.Tatiana, Mon Sep 25 10:17
        It struck Tatiana as slightly strange to consider her village as part of someone’s geography lesson. Of course, it was a notable location, with what she had been taught was an unusually high... more
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